23 Home Remedies to Eliminate Mumps

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Mumps is an extremely infectious virus that readily spreads from one individual to another through direct contact and respiratory secretion. It’s due to an organism called aparamyxovirus. It primarily influences the parotid glands that are around the angle of beneath and our jaw in front of each ear.

This virus usually propagates via coughing or sneezing of an infected individual, which results in the transmission of germs. Children between the age of 10 and 5 years are somewhat more susceptible to mumps. Your body develops resistance against this disorder for long when you get infected with all the mumps virus.

Mumps can be recognised readily because of the swelled up cheeks and jaw. The symptoms of mumps, generally, appear after 1525 days a man get infected. A few other symptoms of mumps include loss of desire, headache, slight fever, muscle pain, dry mouth, tiredness, trouble in swallowing, earache. It’s not easy to eliminate mumps readily. Nevertheless, it’s not as contagious than measles and chickenpox.

Here are a few effectual home treatments for mumps that can give relief from the intense pain to you with no adverse effects. Also, a patient needs professional help for treating mumps along with appropriate drugs.


Home treatments to eliminate mumps

1. Ginger

Ginger is well off with antiviral and anti inflammatory properties which develops resistance against infectious disease. Dry some fresh ginger root in the sun and after make a powder of it. Otherwise, purchase dry ginger powder from the industry. Combine of ginger powder with water and make a thick paste. Apply it under the jaw line, on the cheeks. After it dries clean it using a wet cloth. This paste 2- for a week to get substantial relief from swelling and pain.

  • Instead, contain soups to hasten the healing procedure and grated ginger in your meals.
  • Also, apply garlic or ginger paste onto the part that is affected.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda includes alkaline properties that limit the development of these viruses that causes mumps. Join a touch of baking soda along with a bit of water to create a paste. Apply it on the cheeks. Leave it for 2 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Do this thrice a day.

3. Orange Juice

Express orange juice and add water that is lukewarm in equal percentage. Contain it in your daily diet to speed up the healing procedure.

4. Carrot and Pineapple Juice

Carrot juice in treating mumps when combined with pineapple and grape juice works wonders. Drink this juice in moderation to eliminate mumps.

5. Garlic

 Garlic is well off with healing properties that help treats several ailments. Skin some garlic cloves and smash them. Use them directly over the affected region to get fast relief from pain.

  • Also, have garlic-onion soup sprinkled with a touch of pepper. All the three ingredients are packaged with antiinflammatory properties which helps facilitate inflammation.

6. Hot Water

Boil of water and drink them slowly. It’s an effective treatment for mumps as well as the most straightforward.

7. Potatoes and Pepper

Potatoes are rich in proteins and carbs while pepper includes anti- . Boil one two potatoes and mash all of them with the aid of a fork. Sprinkle some pepper powder and have it. The anti-oxidant the immune apparatus improves, and pain is reduced by analgesic properties.

8. Liquid Oatmeal

It becomes hard to chew on the food that is solid due to swelling and the pain in jaw. It becomes the most suitable choice, since, oatmeal is full of proteins. In addition, it includes soluble fibers that slow down the procedure for digestion, therefore, satiate your desire for more.

9. Warm/Cold Compresses

This one is a simple to use treatment. Just use a heating pad on the swollen glands multiple times a day or an ice pack to take care of the inflammation and swelling. Each session needs 15-20 minutes.

10. Rice water

Take one cup of rice and boil them in 2 cups of water. Filter this solution and give it to the individual. Since the water is full of starch, it gives nutrients that is needed to the individual changed from mumps. Also, a spoonful of clarified butter along with a touch of salt can be added for better flavor.

Herbal Remedies for Mumps

11. Indian Lilac

The leaves of Indian lilac have antiviral properties which efficiently fight the inflammation related to mumps. Smash some of Indian lilac leaves and form a paste with water. Now, add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and one. Apply this paste on the region that is swollen. Leave it for half an hour. Afterwards, wash off with lukewarm water or clean with a warm washcloth. Do this once in a day for a week.

12. Asparagus

Asparagus is packed with minerals and essential nutrients that defend the body against the mumps virus. Mostly, seeds of the asparagus are used for its treatment. Take 3 teaspoons each of asparagus seed powder and fenugreek seed powder. Join both and add a small water to form a paste. Use this paste on the region that is swollen. Let it dry by itself. Afterwards, clean it using a wet washcloth. Do this two times a day for 10 days.

13. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral properties which help reduce inflammation as well as the pain. Take an aloe vera leaf; peel its skin to pull gel off. Now combine of turmeric with it and massage it on the swollen region of the throat. Leave it for half an hour and clean it away with a warm washcloth. Do this thrice a day for no less than weekly.

  • Instead, drink 2 ounces of aloe vera juice to hasten the healing procedure and to boost the immune system.

14. Chebulic Myrobalan

Chebulic myrobalan herb is known for its anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Take 2 chebulic myrobalan fruits and place them under sun for 5 to 6 hours. Subsequently, grind them in a mixer after it fully dries. Now, make a paste with the addition of a little water to it. Put on the paste on the sections of neck and the throat. Do this two three times a day for no less than weekly as a way to take care of symptoms.

15. Sacred Fig  Ficus religiosa

The antiviral properties of sacred fig leaves ruin the virus that causes mumps. Moreover, the antiinflammatory aspect of the herb reduces inflammation and the swelling. Get 2 big sacred fig leaves and clean them correctly. Now, distribute clarified oil or butter on them. These leaves and place them on the painful region. Repair them with tape; it’ll function as an herbal bandage. Remove after half an hour. For the best results, use it two times a day for no less than weekly.

16. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds include powerful anti inflammatory and antiviral properties that help treat the mumps. Grind 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to produce a fine powder and add some lukewarm water to create a spread. Use it on the region that is swollen. Clean it with a material after half an hour. Repeat this two times a day for a week.

  • Add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it twice a day.

17. Mullein

Cooling effects of mullein and the soothing properties speed up the healing process. On the other hand, anti inflammatory and antiviral effect of mullein infusions reduces discomfort and pain. Take 1 teaspoon of dried mullein leaves and place them in a cup of boiling water. Let them steep for 10 minutes. Now, dip a clean cloth in the mullein tea and compress it over the swollen area for few minutes. Duplicate this procedure often to get some relief.

  • Instead, drink 2 cups of mullein tea.

18. Banyan Tree Leaves

The banyan tree has been put to use for treating ailments that were several. Just take one big leaf of the banyan tree and clean it correctly. Dab on some clarified butter on it. Warm it and apply over the region that is swollen. Leave it and mend it with tape. Duplicate it two times a day for a few days.

19. Black pepper

Grind some black pepper to produce a fine powder. Add some water to create a paste. Apply it over the swollen parts. This treatment treat mumps in the briefer time and will certainly decrease the inflammation.

20. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile features antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which help relieve inflammation and treat the pain. It assesses their development and ruins the virus. To fasten the healing procedure, nip chamomile tea 2-3 times a day.

Note: It’s not suggested for kids.

21. Holy Basil 

It’s among the top herbal remedies for treating sore throat related to mumps. Steep some fresh basil leaves in a cup of water for 10-15 minutes and drink decoction to soothe your sore throat.

22. Cleavers

Cleavers is a rich source of tannins and flavonoids that gives anti inflammatory effects. It’s truly a medicinal herb which is used to treat ailments that are several. It treats inflammation as well as microbial disease of glands. It’s possible for you to drink its infusion. Take one full teaspoon of the herb that is dried, soak it in water and drink thrice a day.

23. Black Cohosh

Take a cup of warm water and add 20 drops of black cohosh tincture in it and 30 drops of echinacea tincture. Stir well and drink thrice daily.


  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Have a balanced diet.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Contain plenty of juices and fluids in your daily diet.
  • Get appropriate rest.
  • Isolate yourself from propagating to keep it.
  • It’s possible for you to put on an athletic supporter.
  • Cover your neck using a scarf.
  • Clean your hands often.


  • Patient should avoid sturdy foods and have acidic.
  • Avoid foods that want chewing.
  • Do not share beverages and your utensils with others.

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