23 Greatest Home Treatments to Eliminate Stink Bugs

Halyomorpha halys,also called brown marmorated stink bugs, have eventually become a great problem for home owners. These pests are half an inch long with an adult stink bug growing to be 1.7cm long, and have a shape that resembles a shield. Stink bugs usually appear during the spring season, but are found through the year in several areas of the planet. They feed on fruits, like citrus fruits and apples, mulberries, peaches; while outside in the open, you can see them in the fields of sweet corn, soybeans, and other ornamental plants. Though, they’re harmless to people, but give an unpleasant whiff out when squeezed. The majority of you’d surely like to figure out the best way to eliminate stink bugs until they turn out to be an irritation for you. Here are a few home remedies that will, for sure, help you in your “stink bug control” assignment. Let us have a look.


Home Treatments for Stink Bugs

1. Seal the Access Points

The very first thing you should do is locate their point of entry in case you find many bugs penetrating your home. Typically, they’ll come through openings or cracks near windows, ceiling lights, exhaust fans, and from the rear side of baseboards. Fill these openings using an adhesive, in order that no more bugs can crawl in.

2. Get the Bugs

The following measure is stink bug control once the entrance points are sealed. To take out which you find in the home, just pick them up using plastic bag or a paper towel and flush them down the drain, or in winters, just throw them outside and they’ll freeze.

Note: Be quite cautious not to squeeze it, or else, it’ll let out a noxious smell.

3. Soapy Water

When you have bugs on your own drapes and walls this really is a great treatment. Fill a pail with water and add some washing powder best to use one having a pleasant scent to it. Now, put the pail underneath the bug and just knock it in the water. Pour the water outside.

4. Hoover the Bugs

People who don’t want to touch the bugs with their hands can but make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove them. Nevertheless, you need to alter the vacuum bag and dispose it away instantly so the stink doesn’t stay in the vacuum cleaner.

5. Insecticide

The insecticide right on the bug. Sweep it up on a dust pan and flush it away if quits going. Although quite powerful, side effects may be caused by the insecticide in the home to the people particularly kids and people afflicted by asthma, along with to pets.

6. High Quality Displays

During the summer if you want to let in some air, invest in high quality screens to maintain mosquitoes and the bugs out of your home. The displays ought to be fitted correctly, so the bugs cannot enter indoors.

7. Remove the Eggs

These bugs lay eggs on leaves that were green in springtime, when the temperature is not cool. Eliminate these eggs promptly you see them. As mentioned before, the eggs can throw into soapy water. One other approach would be to trim the trees or plants which are infested with stink bugs down.

8. Yellow Sticky Traps

Invest in stink bug snare to remove these annoyances. These bugs are drawn to yellowish colour. Only, location yellowish coloured sticky traps on posts in the garden. The bugs will fly onto the snares and get stuck on them.

Note: Folks who love daisies and sunflowers need to make certain to put them away from the home, as they’re certain to bring sink bugs and other pollinators, like bees.

9. Nicotine

It is a great method to use your smokes that are shredded. Warm 4 liters of water and soak the smokes in the water for a while. Sift it once the water becomes black, and add 2 tablespoons of dish. Pour into a spray bottle and spray right onto the stink bug.

Note: Always wear gloves, when coping with nicotine.

10. Hairspray

Scatter some hairspray right on the bug. Just pick it up with a plastic bag once it’s immobilized, and flush it down.

11. Wart Remover

Some wart remover on the bug; so you could very quickly dispose it away, it’ll freeze the stink bug.

12. Alcohol

Fill a jar with booze and hold it underneath the bug. Drop the bug into the jar. You can even use ammonia or bleach rather than alcohol.

13. Moist Towel

Soak a towel in water and remove the extra water. Hang the moist towel in the garden. In the early hours, you’ll find it full of stink bugs. Place in soapy water and pour the water in the drain.

14. Diatomaceous Earth

The best way to kill bugs that are sting in a manner that is natural Well, it is hardly difficult. Scatter some diatomaceous earth DE powder in the positions infested by the stink bugs. This powder draws lipids from the chitin out -walls of bug’s exoskeleton, leading it to expire because of dehydration.

15. Hot Peppers

When sprayed on them, the stink bugs are killed by hot peppers. By diluting the peppers in water make a hot pepper solution. Spray this solution on the stink bug, it’ll combust the outside of the bug and kill it promptly.

16. Garlic

Garlic has a strong smell and may drive away a number of other insects, and stink bugs. Mixture four tablespoons of dry garlic powder in two cups of water to make a solution. Pour into a spray bottle and spray it close to the entry of your home and other places from where the bugs can enter, in the garden. Repeat after every three days, until the bugs disappear.

17. Petroleum Oil

Spray petroleum oil on the bugs

18. Rubbing Alcohol

Combine 1 part of rubbing alcohol with 2 parts of water. Spray this solution on the bugs to drive them out of the home.

Herbal Treatments for Stink Bugs

19. Indian Lilac Oil

Combine 2 tbs of Indian lilac oil with 100ml of water, and spray the mixture on your own window panels, plants in the garden and any other location at which you might discover the bugs. Do this for a week for results that are better.

20. Mint

Combine 2 teaspoons of crushed mint leaves or 10 drops of liquid mint into 2 cups of water to make a solution. Spray the solution in each of the areas, where stink bugs may be found by you.

21. Catnip

Catnips certainly will keep the bugs further away from your garden as well as house and have an extremely strong odor. You scatter everything around your garden and can grow catnips in your flower bed, or purchase some catnip powder from your neighborhood supermarket.

22. Essential Oils

Dilute spray on the bugs, and your favourite essential oil with water. The strong scent of these oils keep bugs away from house, and for that reason, behave as an excellent repellent.

23. Pyrethrum Daisy

Dry some pyrethrum daisy blossom and smash them to form a powder. Add a couple of drops of mild liquid soap along with a cup of water to it. Fill it in an air tight spray bottle. Spray it on the plants every morning to guard them from the bugs that are stinky.


  1. Constantly keep weeds and the bushes in your garden trimmed, so the bugs don’t get any space
  2. As the bugs are drawn to light, switch off all of the lights during the nighttime.
  3. Keep your home clean and dust free.


  1. Don’t spray or use insecticides in the home, as it certainly will make a terrible odor in the home and might kill the bugs.
  2. Do not let moisture build up in or near your house. Check for clogged drains and leaked piped from time to time.

If not one of the aforementioned stink bugs treatments work, you should call a professional pest controller, who can help to make your house bugs-free.

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