22 Home Remedies to Eliminate Burns

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Burn is a skin injury that results in redness and pain. These burns are generally known as first, second, third, fourth level. Apart from second and first degree burn, clinical treatment is constantly required by staying two. First degree burns are experienced by individuals particularly in kitchen. Most of the times, burns are caused when a man come in touch with steam, electricity compounds, sun, radiation or hot items. If left untreated, these mild burns can grow into blisters that are agonizing. A number of the common after effects of burns are blisters, moistness, swelling, blackening etc. Listed here are a few of the home remedies for burns which will help alleviate the pain and heal the scar too.


Home Remedies for Burns

1. Coldwater

Set the affected region below the running coldwater for 10-20 minutes or use a cold press on the burn for several minutes. Duplicate it after several hours. When it comes to treating burns, water is the first treatment one should use as it prevents the burn sense to continue more.

Note: don’t use ice on burns as it can limit the flow of blood in the region and thus cause more damage to the skin tissues.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is found in treating burns, effectual. Only, combine with water and apply it on the affected place. Keep it for a few minutes and rinse after.

3. Honey

Raw honey has antiseptic properties that decreases the burning sense and fastens the healing procedure. Some honey on the burn, it’s going to kill any bacteria present on the skin and stop the formation of scar. You can even apply honey on a gauze pad and put it at the burn. Wrap it up with a different bandage and leave it on for several hours. Do it three times a day.

4. Black Tea Totes

Black tea contains tannic acid which helps treat the burn immediately and decrease the pain. Just soak some tea bags in cold water for a few minutes and dab at them lightly on the burn and wrap them with a bandage.

5. Raw Potato

Take a raw potato and cut it into half. Now rub against the potato piece softly on the burn. The juice discharged from potato piece has soothing and anti-irritating properties which helps in treating mild burns.

6. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour absorbs the moisture on the skin that is burned and begins the therapeutic process. Take wheat flour that is grounded and use it on the affected part. This is an all-natural bandaid that shields skin from outside irritants.

7. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Combine a teaspoon of lemon juice along with a tablespoon of coconut oil, and apply it to the burn. The vitamin E and fatty acids contained in coconut oil work as anti-oxidizing, anti fungal and antibacterial agent that treats the acidic properties of lemon, as well as the burn lightens the burn mark.

8. Milk

Pour of milk on the burn mark or apply a gauze pad and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. The burn and fastens soothes the healing.

9. White Vinegar

The acetic acid found in white vinegar fastens alleviates pain and the healing procedure . Pour on the cotton ball and dab it at the burn. Furthermore, vinegar additionally prevents any type of illness.

10. Salt

The antibacterial properties of salt help treat moderate burns. Firstly, wash the affected area with cold water and apply salt on it. Besides healing, it fights bacterial activity too.

11. Mint Toothpaste

This really is a great option for burn relief particularly in case when you touch something hot. Use a thin layer of any mint tooth paste on the burn and allow it to dry.

12. Oats

Add some oats to a bowl of water then dunk the affected region into the bowl or you’ll be able to add the oats to a tub of water and soak your body in it for 20 to 25 minutes. Air dry the region so that just a small layer stays. Oats are especially useful when your burn is healing and you are tempted to scrape it

13. Onion Juice

Onion juice features sulfur and quercetin compounds that alleviate the pain. Pare and cut a couple of onion pieces. Apply the piece on the burn and keep it there for some time. It might burn but the pain will shortly vanish. Do it several times a day.

14. Banana peel

Just place on the burn until it becomes black. It really is powerful in healing burn injuries.

15. Yogurt

The entire fat yogurt may be applied after half an hour on burn. The burning sense relieves and offers tremendous relief.

Herbal Remedies for Burns

16. Lavender Essential Oil

Apply diluted lavender oil on the affected place multiple times a day. Instead, you can put on the oil on gauze pad and put it at the wound. This is known as one of many outstanding options for what to put on a burn.

Note: Never apply concentrated lavender oil right on the skin.

17. Plantain Leaves

With a mortar and pestle, crush some of fresh plantain leaves. Squeeze the leaves with your hands to express the juice and apply it to the burn. You wrap them in gauze and can also apply the pounded leaves right on the burn.

18. Olive Oil

Use a thin layer of the olive oil on the burn repeatedly a day. It prevents scars too and will fasten the healing procedure.

19. Aloe Vera

Take an aloe vera leaf and pull the gel out of it or cut on the aloe vera leaf into half after which apply the gel right on the burn. It’ll certainly cool the burning sense down. The astringent properties of aloe vera fasten the healing procedure. What’s more, you can use an aloe vera lotion.

20. Vanilla

Rub some vanilla extract on the burn by means of a cotton ball. The booze in the vanilla extract will help cool down the burning sense.

21. Herbal Infusion

Combine some elderflowers, witch hazel and comfrey to make an infusion. Dunk a gauze pad in the infusion and put it at the burn.

22. Castor Oil

Take some castor oil and use it to the burn. Cover using gauze and wrap it using a bandage.

Note: The aforesaid treatments are for first degree burns. In the event of serious burns, it’s recommended to get in touch with a physician for the clinical treatment.


  • Cover all electrical outlets that kids don’t put their fingers in the sockets.
  • Use oven mitts while baking in the kitchen.
  • Remove before the swelling happens.
  • Cover the burn with a cotton fabric that is fantastic.


  • Don’t scratch the wound once it begins as it might make a scar treating.
  • Don’t apply any ointment, soap, ice, and oil spray on the burn as it can hinder fixing.

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