21 Astonishing Wellness & Beauty Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is an extremely common ingredient used in kitchen due to its pungent flavor and odor. But lately a number of its health benefits are verified scientifically. Garlic belongs to the lily family and has really been utilized in early cultures of China, India and Egypt for tens of thousands of years because of the healing properties. One garlic bulb contains approximately 12 to 20 cloves. Garlic may be consumed raw or in the type of capsule, powder or juice. Dehydrated garlic in powdered form can be found in the marketplace through the year. Garlic is rich in selenium, sulphur, zinc, calcium and allicin that is why it is antibiotic, anti fungal, anti inflammatory in nature. Therefore, it’s used to take care of various ailments like hypertension, heart ailments, cancer, and cholesterol. Here are a few beauty and health benefits of garlic.

Health Benefits of Garlic


1. AntiCancer

Garlic include vitamin B6 that helps keep cancer at bay and allyl sulphides, as well as our body is safeguarded by the existence of sulfur compounds against cancer. Routine ingestion of garlic has proved to reduce the danger of colon cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, brain tumor and lung cancer.

2. No Heart Disorders

Garlic has sulphur including molecules, which helps enlarge blood muscles. Additionally, anti-clotting properties of garlic stop the formation of clot in the blood vessels. This superfood preserves the elasticity of arteries.

3. Treats Arthritis

Garlic reduces the bad effect of arthritis. Antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties in garlic fight dangerous free radicals, which cause the damage to the joints, by creating proinflammatory substances called cytokines.

4. Treatments Respiratory Disorders

Antimicrobial properties of garlic make it an excellent treatment to resist respiratory infections while its antibacterial properties soothes irritated throat. It improves the immune system and reduces cough and regular cold.

5. Prevents Diabetes

Garlic really has the capacity to reduce both high blood sugar and triglycerides levels. It raises the insulin levels in diabetics. Eat 2 or 1 crushed pods of raw garlic

6. Aids in Weight Loss

Garlic includes plentiful nutrients and hardly any calories like manganese, vitamin C, B1, B6, fiber, copper, iron, calcium, and potassium. That makes it a perfect food to be contained in the weight loss diet.

7. Soothes  Psoriasis

Since garlic is loaded with antioxidants like selenium, zinc and allicin, it reduces. Eating gives anti-psoriasis effects on the body.

8. Removes Splinter

Garlic can help remove the splinter efficiently. Put a garlic clove over the splinter and apply bandage on it. Within hours the splinter will come out of the skin normally. In addition, it wards off any illness with its anti bacterial properties.

9. Mosquito Repellent

The strong scent of garlic prevents them from discovering people to bite and overpowers the smelling awareness of mosquitoes. This is all due to the existence of allicin compound in garlic.

10. Prevents Alzheimer

Garlic lowers the cholesterol and BP whereas raises anti-oxidative enzyme which, subsequently, prevents brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer. In addition, it reduces cell damage and oxidative pressure.

11. Body Detoxifier

Garlic features high sulfur number which reduces toxicity. The abundance of vitamin C supports the correct function of liver and boost the immune system up. Have 3-4 fresh garlic cloves or freeze dried aged garlic to detoxify your body effectually.

12. Treats Athlete’s Foot

Garlic has antifungal properties and functions nicely for treating fungal infection like athlete’s foot. Add the crushed garlic in a bathtub full of water that is lukewarm. Soak the affected foot in the bath for 30 minutes.

Beauty Benefits of Garlic

13. Remedies Cold Sore

Herpes 1 virus causes cold sores. Garlic being an antiviral has been discovered to take care of cold sores. Apply oil of crushed garlic cloves on the affected region for several days until you remove them.

14. Promotes Hair Development

This wonder foodstuff is enriched with copper, which is necessary for development of your tresses as it eradicates dangerous materials from the head. It raises the blood circulation in the hair follicles and reinforces the roots. Add garlic to your shampoo or conditioner. Do this not more than two times per month.

15. Anti-Acne

Its antioxidant properties kill bacteria. Rub chopped garlic on the affected place. Or smash some cloves of garlic and apply its juice on the skin that is acne prone. Wait for five minutes

16. Reduces Baldness

The existence of allicin in garlic makes it a perfect treatment for baldness. Rubbing pieces of garlic cloves in your scalp allow you to remove hair drop and raises the blood flow. Soak some pods that are garlic in olive oil for a week. Use this oil for hair massage to outcomes that are successful.

17. Anti-Dandruff

Dandruff is an extremely common issue. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic work well to treat excessive dandruff and the itchy scalp. Besides this, the sulfur part in garlic prevents disease and reduces severity of dandruff.

18. Anti-Ageing

It fights the free radicals in the skin and keeps skin firm and younger as garlic is a power pack of antioxidants. Collagens, which reduces wrinkles are produced by its ingestion. Prepare juice of crushed garlic cloves and add it in your normal facemask to stop early ageing.

19. Reduces Gray Hair

Heat 3-4 garlic cloves with coconut oil and fresh grounded black pepper. Let it cool and apply as a mask on the wet hair. Keep for 20 minutes and after that clean your hair as usual.

20. Removes Stretch Marks

Garlic is a well-known treatment to eliminate stretch marks. Apply concoction of your routine hot oil as well as crushed garlic juice on stretch marks. Do this for few weeks to see the difference.

21. Reinforces Nails

Nails readily get subjected to the disease causing yellowish and dull stained nails. The antifungal character of garlic prevents, but in addition protects nails from getting disease. Soak a cotton ball into crushed garlic cloves juice and rub against cuticles.

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