20 Outstanding Home Treatments to Remove Freckles

Freckles are tiny brown spots that steal the beauty of your skin and appear in bunches. They usually happen on face, arms, neck and back. Freckles are often due to overexposure to the sun. In some individuals, freckles appear due to hormonal imbalance and the hereditary problems. The lack of essential nutrients like iron additionally leads to look of these spots that are unsightly. Whatever the reason is, nobody enjoys the miniature, flat pigmentation on the skin that adds up to the look that is disagreeable. When the skin is exposed and very sensitive to sunlight, the freckles begin to appear. They can be quite expensive and don’t always ensure 100 results, although there are lots of freckle removal aesthetic operations and treatments available. Thus, we’ve listed here some powerful home treatments to remove freckles fast.


1. Lemon

Lemon could make an excellent ingredient in body scrub and your face pack for those people who are troubled with freckles. Add lemon juice to your home made face pack and apply it in your own skin. Lemon has skin lightening properties which treat freckles.

  • Furthermore, express the juice of lemon and lightly use this rind where freckles are located to scrub the affected regions. Rinse skin after 5 minutes. Lemon skin scrub helps remove freckles

Note: Lemon skin scrub can cause discomfort as well as a burning sense. So, to prevent that damp your face with cooled milk after applying lemon scrub.

2. Honey

Use honey to eliminate freckle to effectually at home. Anyway, it’s an excellent moisturizer. Take mix wheat germ and warm honey with it. Apply this paste in your face and leave it for a quarter hour. Subsequently, wash with warm water.

3. Sour Cream

For those who have sensitive skin, freckle removal is a distressing procedure. This is using sour cream is great for long term gain. Take a spoonful of sour cream and lightly apply it in your skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes and make use of a soft tissue towel to wipe off the cream. Subsequently, use moisturizer to smoothen your skin farther.

4. Curd or Buttermilk

Those who’ve tried sour cream, but it did not work on their skin that is sensitive, they should use curd or cooled buttermilk. Dab on a cotton ball or a cotton cloth in buttermilk or in the curd and apply it all over your face. Wipe away lightly after a quarter hour using a tissue towel.

5. Onion

Onion has without causing any burning sense sulfur that efficiently gets rid of the freckles. Red onion pieces can be used by you for freckle removal at house. Where freckles are visible cut red onion pieces and lightly rub them in your face for 15 days.

  • Instead, in case you are allergic to the scent of onion and have sensitive skin, simply grate red onion and express its juice. Add honey to the juice and apply it all over your skin. Both these ingredients are superb for the treatment that is freckle.

6. Papaya

The papain enzyme in papaya reduces freckles and dark spots in your skin. You can create a facial scrub by combining sugar and actual papaya to exfoliate your skin. Rub this mixture lightly in your own skin

  • Also, mix several pieces of papaya over your face and put on the juice all of it in a mixer. Wash away after 20 minutes. Do this thrice a day to get outcomes that are desirable.

7. Oatmeal Mix

Prepare a heavy paste by combining powdered oatmeal and buttermilk. Distribute it all over the affected part and rinse after 30 minutes. Perform this treatment daily to get a smooth skin.

8. Rice Wine/ Sake

Rice wine has fermented liquid which is rich in kojic acid. Few cotton balls can soak in rice wine and keep them on the freckles for around 15 minutes everyday for the wanted effect.

9. Cucumber

Cucumber is the top fixing for treating blemishes and freckles on the skin. Express cucumber juice; and blackheads as well as apply it in your skin in the morning to remove blemishes, freckles.

10. Eggplant

Were you aware the brinjal, aubergine or the eggplant in pasta are rich in antioxidants Additionally, they are able to help fade away the freckles. Cut few pieces of eggplant and lightly rub it on the affected part for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

11. Castor Oil

Excessive exposure to sunshine leads to freckles. Use castor oil on the skin and gently massage for a quarter hour. Wipe off the castor oil

12. Almond Oil

Take some almond oil in a bowl and put this bowl in a big pot full of hot water to warm the oil up. Prior to going to bed, massage your skin with this particular oil. Repeat this procedure for three weeks.

13. Jojoba Oil

Skin lighten slowly. Massage the affected region regular that freckles fade

14. Sesame Seeds

Take a teaspoon of powdered turmeric along with one tablespoon of sesame seeds. Combine them in some water to create a thick spread. Distribute it on the affected part and rinse after a quarter hour. Do this once a day.

Herbal Treatments for Freckles

15. Mulberry and Licorice Extracts

Mulberry infusions have got arbutin in them that helps reduce dark spots in your skin. Anyway, melanin secretion raises; therefore, use this extract on the skin to cut back freckles.

  • Instead, join extracts of mulberry and licorice; keep it in a bottle and put it in the fridge. Rub this mixture on the freckles to truly have a skin that is clean.

16. Molasses Sugar and Mint Tea

To begin with prepare mint tea and be sure that it remains in the fridge. Now, take two tablespoons of every molasses and yogurt sugar. Add few drops of your favourite essential oil. Combine correctly and spread it in your face. Leave the eye region. After five minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. Now, rinse your face with mint tea that is cooled and allow it to dry by itself. Afterward, use almond or olive oil in your skin.

17. Herbal Tea

Chamomile, lemon and mint have abundant antioxidants. They remove. Damp tea bags of some of these 3 in ice cold water for 30 seconds and after that keep them on the affected skin part. Now get a rice paper and lightly scrub on your skin’s surface where freckles are not absent.

18. Horseradish

Express horseradish root juice and apply it on the affected part. To prevent the return of freckles you can even use them often. As it’s abundant source of vitamin C, it will help fade blemishes.

19. Mint and Banana Mask

Get a banana and mash it. Add two teaspoons of crushed mint leaves paste. Spread it on your skin. Keep it for some time and wash after.

20. Bearberry Extract

Join infusions of bearberry and licorice correctly. Decant of the mixture on a cotton ball and rub it on freckles. Do it two times a day.


  • It’s great to moisturize your skin so that it creates
  • Use lotion-based moisturizers at least 4 times a day to prevent freckles absolutely.
  • It’s possible for you to dab on your skin before freckle treatment with a moist cloth. This loosens the skin pores, so treating freckles become more easy.
  • Use cheesecloth to damp your face with any anti-freckle juices, as they offer better results.


  • When you have sensitive skin, freckles appear readily. Thus, prevent any severe freckle treatment which could damage your skin farther.
  • Prevent steam bath as it is going to broadly open the skin pores, as well as the freckles may immediately reappear.
  • Don’t use scent filled skin lotions or moisturizers, when you have freckles. Also, the freckles serious, so prevent them can be made by some deodorants.

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