19 Home Remedies to Eliminate Runny Nose Quickly

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Runny nose happens due to excessive nasal discharge resulted as a result of discomfort and inflammation of the internal linings of nasal passages and sinuses. The most obvious causes that trip runny nose are pollens, dust allergy, cold weather, pets, hair that is dry and hot and chilly things. Delaying the treatment of the ailment results in earache, headache, and other issues. There are several home treatments to eliminate runny nose quickly. The benefits of using natural treatments are that they don’t have any side effects and cheap.


Home Treatments for Runny Nose

1. Salt Water

Blend 1/2 tablespoon of salt in a cup of water. Make use of a dropper to pour two drops of this solution in every one of your nostrils and inhale it. Blow your nose to push extra mucus out. Repeat this 3-4 times a day or as and when needed for a day or two till your state enhances.

  • Warm some water and add some salt to it. Use this water to gargle 2-3 times a day. This may clear the toxins and viral infection in throat.

2. Mustard Oil

Warm some mustard oil until it’s not cool. Pour of this oil in every one of your nostrils. Repeat this 2-3 times a day till the nasal passage clears.

  • Instead, warm 2-3 tablespoons of mustard oil and add 1 tablespoon of caraway seeds in it. Inhale the steam. The pungent and hot smell of mustard oil will activate the respiratory system and open the blocked nose, thus supply you immediate relief from runny nose.
  • Or take ONE bit of salt, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of mustard oil. Heat this mixture and swallow. It works best if taken just prior to going to sleep.

3. Steam

Boil in a big bowl. Add a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil in it. Keep your face to the bowl and cover your head with a thick towel. Inhale it slowly.

Notice – Keep your face off in case you discover steam overly hot, to prevent burns.

4. Acupressure

Use pressure on the corner of your nose, switching between two nostrils. Make sure the nostrils are closed entirely while using pressure. Repeat this procedure for 10 minutes. Likewise, use some pressure to the region just above eyes and then discharge. Repeat this for 10 minutes to get relief from runny nose.

5. Turmeric

Blend of turmeric powder into linseed oil and warm it until it begins giving fires. Inhale this steam for about 1-2 minutes. This has to be done to treat runny nose.

  • Instead, consume 1/2-1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with water. It’s going to help loosen the filled mucus in your throat.
  • Or combination turmeric in a glass of warm milk and you sleep. drink it before You can add some crushed black pepper alongside turmeric in milk for quicker relief.
  • Drink herbal tea that is turmeric. Prepare it by adding turmeric powder, cinnamon, clove, ginger, honey and black pepper to boiling point and water. Sip and steep 2-3 times a day for immediately alleviating the issue of runny nose and reducing the inflammation in respiratory tract.

6. Garlic

Boil in water. Strain this mixture and add some sugar to it. Take this soup daily.

  • Instead, you may also chew on two garlic cloves to remove runny nose.
  • Or else, you can also take capsules featuring garlic.

7. Ginger

Sprinkle some salt over ginger pieces and chew on them through the day to relieve the dilemma of running and blocked nose fast.

  • Instead, grate 1 tablespoon of ginger and boil it in 1 cup of plain water. Form. Add 1 tablespoon of honey within nip and this concoction. Drink this tea 2-3 times a day to clear respiratory passage and eliminate runny nose.
  • Or else, boil grated ginger or some ginger powder in water and inhale the steam.

8. Honey

Blend 1-2 tablespoons of honey in warm milk and drink it two times day-to-day.

  • Instead, combine each of honey and fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink it warm. This treatment helps treat the issue of runny nose.
  • Or blend a number of drops of lemon juice in 1 tablespoon of honey and a bit of cinnamon powder. Take this mixture daily to treat runny nose.

9. Lemon Juice

Combine juice of 1/2 lemon in 1 cup of water along with 1 bit of salt and beverage.

Notice – It works best if taken with warm water.

10. Cayenne Pepper

Contain cayenne pepper in your diet plan. This treat runny nose efficiently and may clear the blockage in nasal passage.

11. Hot Compress

Soak a towel in hot water and braid it to empty the extra water. Keep this towel over your face. It’s going to enhance your state by loosening mucus.

12. Onion Tea

Cut pieces of onion and add them to boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes and then sift it. Inhale the steam and sip the tea. This may open the clogged pores that are nasal and relieve the dilemma of runny nose.

Herbal Treatments for Runny Nose

13. Horseradish

Chew on a slice of horseradish till the flavor dissipates and hold it in your mouth. Consume it after.

  • Instead, add a slice of onion and horseradish to boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes and then strain the concoction. Sip on this tea 2-3 times

14. Basil Leaves

Some basil leaves in morning and prior to going to sleep during the night.

  • Instead, eat 2-3 basil leaves along with some jaggery two times a day to eliminate runny nose and common cold.
  • Or boil some basil leaves with 2 cloves in water. Strain this mixture and add some sugar to it. Drink it.

15. Eucalyptus Oil

Add 4 drops of peppermint oil, 7 drops of eucalyptus oil, 4 drops of lavender oil to a big bowl of boiling water and inhale the steam. Repeat this 2-3 times a day.

  • An alternative would be to place several drops of eucalyptus oil in your handkerchief and inhale the scent during the day. This really is a powerful method to treat runny nose.

16. Thyme

Smash some dried thyme

  • Instead, combine some dried thyme leaves in mustard oil and warm it. Inhale the steam. Your clogged nasal passages may open and later treat runny nose.

17. Herbal Tea

Add cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion, lemon and honey in water and steep for 5 minutes. Strain this mixture and sip it 2-3 times a day. It soothes the inflammation and fights against viral infection and functions as an all-natural treatment for runny nose.

18. Stinging Nettle

Add fresh nettle leaves to water. Bring the water to boil and strain this concoction. Sip as tea 2 times to treat the symptoms of runny nose.

19. Astragalus

Add 1/4 astragalus roots to boiling water and steep it for 5 minutes. Strain this mixture and sip this tea 2-3 times a day to take care of the symptoms.


  • Massage every one of your earlobes for 10 seconds.
  • Use filtered water to wash the nasal opening.
  • Blow out the extra fluid and mucus build-up in your nose. Use soft, unscented tissues for this particular function.
  • Drink lots of warm water, fruit juices and soups.
  • Get sufficient rest.
  • Utilize a humidifier in chilly and dry weather.
  • Take steam bath to eliminate nasal congestion.
  • Breathe in, and take hot water shower -out to blow mucus out.
  • Have tea black or herbal or java to soothe sore throat.
  • Sleep with head in an elevated location.


  • Consider staying away from them for several days for those who have pets in your own home.
  • Don’t go near dust mites, foods and plants
  • Prevent smoking.
  • Refrain from oil and hot -rich foods.

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