18 Simple Home Treatments to Eliminate Sugar Ants

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Ants are the most frequent critters that may be seen in garden, lawns, and woods. Your home is entered by them by forming colonies, in search of water and food. Sugar ants can change from 2-15mm of size. The male ants are of black colour and females are of reddish colour. Sugar ants, as the name implies, are brought to feed and sweets on bread and other greasy things. They may be valuable at times also, as they help recycle the organic matter, and feed on different insects, pests. Nevertheless , once they intrude into your home, they become an issue. Many things can be spoilt by sugar ants like meat, cheese, nuts, honey, bread, etc. Getting cleared of sugar ants can take lots of time, just by means of the subsequent home remedies that are simple, it may be done early.

Home Treatments for Sugar Ants

1. Mopping

Mop the floor after each meal in order to remove all the leftover food. Mopping may also remove their trails that will baffle them, and they will not come

2. Black Pepper

One other good solution to eliminate sugar ants would be to scatter black pepper on the place or their trails in the place where they reside. You can sprinkle it around the corners of the kitchen.

3. Vinegar

Combine water and vinegar white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in equivalent proportions to produce a solution. Spray the prepared solution on the window panes, flooring, or on any other similar entry, to hinder the manner of sugar ants.

4. Trap

It might seem strange, but it’s not difficult by placing lure for them to get ants. Get a carton and make 2-3 holes in it. Pour or peanut butter in it. After 2-3 hours, you will see many sugar ants sticking to the box and it is possible to take the carton outside.

5. Borax

Borax is a toxic mineral for all these tiny creatures. Combine with some sugary food thing and be sure that it remains for some time in open. You’ll find the results after a brief while. Routine usage of the system will allow you to exterminate the entire colony of the ants.

6. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a substance which can turn out to be hazardous for ants. Combine with any sweet. The ants will take the sweet to their colony, that will kill them.

  • Instead, scatter the boric acid powder on the ant-infested regions. This is actually the greatest treatment to kill sugar ants.

7. Entire Clove

Entire clove is among the most powerful repellents of any type of insect. Keep them at all the entries as the ants do not enjoy the scent of clove. You will note the variety of ants is falling.

8. Bleach

Sugar ants, besides eating sweets, can assault other eatables and bread crumbs. Wiping the counter and floors with bleach after have and cooking the meal will help erase the traces of the leftover food as well as the ants.

9. Cornmeal

Sugar ants cannot digest the cornmeal, also it creates an issue for them. It’s possible for you to add cornmeal and some sugar, to allow it to be appealing bait.

10. Lemon Juice

The citrus scent of lemon juice stands. Spraying on it around the house will allow you to remove them. All you’ve got to do is combine lemon juice and water in the ratio of 1:3 and scatter it on the ant-infested regions.

  • It’s possible for you to make use of the left over rinds of lemon to create a spray, to fight ants. All you need to do is get the rinds and boil them in the sufficient quantity of water for 10-15 minutes. Subsequently sieve the solution that is prepared after it cools down and spray it on the regions that are infested.

11. Baking Soda

Baking soda is just another powerful treatment as it’s deadly for them and the entire colony to eliminate sugar ants. Combine powdered sugar and baking soda in a jar and keep it open for a while. The ants can get picked up in the jar. Take the jar out of the home.

12. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is just another natural sugar ant repellent. You can spray on cinnamon oil or scatter crushed cinnamon across the openings or holes where you guess the ants remain.

13. Grounded Coffee

Coffee that is grounded can quite readily help you ward off the ants. Take some java that is grounded from where you guess the ants to enter and fill it in the cracks. The smell of the coffee will compel them to shift their course.

14. Spices

Some spices can certainly assist you to win the war with the ants. It’s possible for you to make a borderline outside each of the principal entries with the aid of chalk, cinnamon, cayenne pepper or red chili powder, as well as the ants will stay outside your home.

15. Molasses

Combine 1 tbsp 2 tablespoons of molasses, and each of sugar and yeast. Set in a covered container comprising holes. The ants can get brought to it.

Herbal Treatments for Sugar Ants

16. Bay Leaves

Among the most effective measures to repel sugar ants would be to make use of bay leaves. They can not resist the strong scent of the leaves. It’s possible for you to keep the leaves on the corners of the window and other places that are wise.

17. Peppermint

Peppermint oil helps keep the ants away because of its own strong odor. It’s possible for you to spray it on window panes or the floors to keep the sugar ants away. Peppermint also makes your home smell great. Putting some mint outside your residence can repel the ants.

18. Essential Oils

Essential oils like lemon, orange, clove, tea tree and peppermint oil can turn deadly for ants. Spray these oils around distinct corners of your home or in the components where you imagine them to reside. This is actually the easiest way to eliminate sugar ants.


  • Constantly keep kitchen sink, the counters, and floorings clean.
  • Dispose of the trash bin waste often.
  • Keep all the food things in the fridge or airtight containers.
  • Hoover the floor mats often so that not one of the left over stays.
  • As ants get punctured readily and attack trash bags use powerful trash bags.


  • Don’t keep any food thing in open.
  • Don’t keep the windows open for too long.

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