18 Proven Home Remedies to Remove Mosquitoes

Though mosquitoes are miniature and little creatures, they are able to destroy entire atmosphere. Mosquitoes can cause several deadly and dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. The marketplace is flooded with several substance-load mosquito repellents. These items can allow you to make your setting mosquito-free, but at the same time, they’ve adverse impacts on the environment. Here are a few home remedies which are not just successful in eliminating mosquitoes, but are also eco friendly. Try them out


Home Treatments for Mosquitoes

1. Dry Ice

The carbon dioxide that we exhale brings mosquitoes. Dry ice emits lots of carbon dioxide. So, put dry ice in a container and make sure it remains at a specific space. Shut the lid, when all of the mosquitoes are pulled towards that container. While this may be a small time consuming, but it’s a powerful strategy to drive mosquitoes away.

2. Coffee Grounds

The easy home remedy is coffee grounds. All you must do is simply scatter coffee grounds you locate stagnant water close to your home. The mosquito eggs within the water will likely have to reach the surface of the water because of the coffee grounds. They are going to be deprived of oxygen, as they arrive at the surface. This will kill them before they’re hatched and certainly will prevent mosquitoes from reproduction.

3. Mosquito Traps

You can simply make it at home or can purchase a mosquito trap from marketplace. You have a need for a plastic bottle for preparing home made mosquito trap. Cut this bottle in half. Add brown sugar in hot water and blend well. Empty it in the bottom half of the bottle when it cools down. Now, add yeast. Place into the other half of the bottle in upside down way. Roll a tape that is black on the bottle, but the top ought to be uncovered. Put it in the prone region. Alter the option of the bottle after every 2 weeks.

4. Camphor

Camphor is just another home remedy to eliminate mosquitoes in an environment friendly way. Simply shut all the doors and windows of the room. Subsequently light camphor and leave it for about 30 minutes. You WOn’t discover any mosquitoes when you return to that room after a while.

5. Garlic

Garlic has an extremely pungent smell, which a lot of individuals don’t enjoy. Its scent is abhorred by mosquitoes. Smash several cloves of garlic and boil the crushed garlic in water for a while. Pour this home made mosquito repellent in a spray bottle and squirt it around the room. The mosquitoes will be killed by this treatment.

6. Dish Soap

Squirt dish soap on the mosquitoes to kill them

7. Beer

Fill a bowl with beer and put it in your home to drive out the mosquitoes.

Herbal Treatments for Mosquitoes

8. Indian Lilac Oil and Coconut Oil

Indian lilac has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and additionally anti-protozoan properties. Blend pure coconut oil and Indian lilac oil in the ratio 1:1 and apply it all over your body. The strong scent of the mixture will keep the mosquitoes away from you for at least eight hours.

9. Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Oil

A combination of eucalyptus oil and lemon oil functions as an all-natural mosquito repellent. You only need to combine the eucalyptus oil as well as the lemon oil in equivalent percentages and apply it on the open portions of the body.

10. Holy Basil

Holy basil leaves are understood to kill the mosquito larvae. Therefore, assess the breeding of mosquitoes. Just put a holy basil plant in your garden and in the entrance points of your house.

11. Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is the best essential oil when it comes to prevent mosquitoes. Use citronella oil throughout the body. You can even inject several drops of the essential oil in a candle and light it up. Or else, scatter it in the prone regions and place it in a spray bottle.

12. Mint

Mosquitoes, loath the strong scent of mint, which most people adore very much. It’s possible for you to take the mint oil out from the mint infusions or simply make use of the infusion as it would be to keep mosquitoes away. It’s possible for you to spray on the mint oil by pouring it in a spray bottle, or you’ll be able to apply it on the uncovered portions of your body. Instead, grow mint shrubs in your garden.

13. Lavender Oil

The scent of lavender oil can keep mosquitoes away as efficiently as any chemical agent would do. The scent of oil and the lavender bloom is extremely strong and it can’t be tolerated by mosquitoes. Spray lavender oil it in the room. Or you can even apply it on different portions of the body which stay exposed and your face.

  • Instead, you may also spray on lavender-scented room fresheners which are readily accessible the industry.

14. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is among the essential oils that are powerful to eliminate mosquitoes. The antibacterial and antifungal properties work wonders in regards to fighting the mosquitoes off. The strong scent of the tea tree oil keeps the mosquitoes at bay. All you have to do is apply this mixture in your face and other exposed portions of your body and combine several drops of tea tree oil with a couple drops of water.

15. Red Cedar Mulch

Red cedar mulch makes the yard or the garden amazing, but is additionally efficiently keeps the mosquitoes away. Boil red cedar chips in water. Next, place in the garden sprayer that you just use for your garden and scatter it. Mosquitoes will be held by this off your house.

16. Pinion Wood

Get some pinion woods. Combust these woods outside your house. The pungent smell the woods keeps them from penetrating your home and release on being combusted kills mosquitoes.

17. Rosemary

Rosemary is an all-natural mosquito repellent. Combust several stalks of rosemary. The smell that appears will drive out the mosquitoes.

18. Mosquito Repellent Plants

Grow plants that repel mosquitoes including feverfew and catnip in flower beds; and put them in your garden.


  • Ensure that you hang a mosquito net, while going to bed during the night. Lotions or all the mosquito repellent coils operate for several hours. Then, the effect falls. Hanging a mosquito net at night while sleeping will keep mosquitoes away.
  • Keep windows and all of the doorways of your house shut to stop the entrance of mosquitoes.
  • Simply kill them instantly at any time you see mosquitoes flying around you. This is going to make your setting mosquito-free.
  • Light pulled mosquitoes. Therefore use mosquito-repellent lights in your own home like yellow bug lights sodium lamps or LED lights.


  • Don’t let any water to stand close to your home. Stagnant water is where mosquitoes breed and multiply.

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