17 Simple Home Treatments to Eliminate Raccoons

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Raccoons are the adorable furry creatures that are well known for their harmful actions. They’re usually located in woody places. You can even see them at areas with plentiful and water plant life. Raccoons are nocturnal in nature and are amazing climbers. Cut shingles, damaged crops primarily corn and watermelon and haphazard garden are a number of the signs of invasion of these pesky creatures. Raccoons adore eating mice, fruits, vegetables, and could feed on trash. Use the following home treatments to remove them before raccoons set up their lair at home.

Home Remedies for Raccoons

1. Light and Sound

Raccoons are mainly active during adore and nighttime residing in places that are peaceful. So, play loud music and the most effective way to remove raccoons would be to light up your place and environment.

2. Fencing

Fencing is just another great treatment to keep raccoons away from your residence. Since raccoons are excellent climbers, you must put in a fence at a height they can not leap. You turn it on during their energetic hours and might install an electrified fence.

3. Mothballs

Location mothballs in your lawn and in the house, to discourage the entrance of raccoons. The scent of mothball is lethal to them.

4. Dispose of the Trash

Don’t pile up the rubbish in your lawn and keep the trash bins close. Throw away pet pooch and the bits as they’re likely to bring the raccoons. Additionally it is urged to make use of powerful alloy rubbish cans, which are not easy to open.

5. Remove the Plant Life

Raccoons are omnivorous and get pulled to specific crops like corn and watermelon. Till you eliminate raccoons entirely avoid putting them for some time; else, nothing might stop them from making the area a wreck for you. Cover the compost pile to remove raccoons in the loft.

6. Close the Entrances

All the access points with high quality web, wired material or wooden boards, to stop the entrance of raccoons in your house. You can even use paper for this particular function. Set multiple layers of paper in the compressed form in the crevices and holes.

7. Ammonia

Raccoons can not tolerate the scent of ammonia and would leave the area instantaneously Dunk 5-6 tennis balls as they’ll soak up ammonia nicely and throw them at the spot where you imagine them to live.

8. Cayenne Pepper Solution

Make a remedy by boiling cayenne pepper 1 cup and 4-5 Habanero chilies in water. Permit it to cool and spray around holes or the key entrances from where the raccoons might come indoors.

9. Trapping

Among the foolproof techniques of eliminating raccoons is by relocating and laughing at all of them along with the aid of a snare. Raccoons get readily brought to tuna fish and marshmallows, so you be sure that it remains in a snare and can make a trail of them. You can leave them someplace way as soon as they get trapped.

Note: Trapping is prohibited in the majority of the states as raccoons take several disorders with them. Local laws ought to be assessed before attempting this treatment.

10. Frightening Apparatus

Many apparatus could be utilized to frighten raccoons. Ultrasonic noise makers, radios, sprinklers and floodlights can function nicely to divert them.

11. Predator Pee

This is an excellent procedure to eliminate raccoons. Predator pee is quite readily accessible at internet websites and some shops. It’s possible for you to spray pee of wolves, bobcat, mountain lions or coyotes. It’d lead raccoons to believe a predator is nearby, and they are going to escape

12. Cucumber

Plant cucumber in next to fencing as these critters can not stand the odor of cucumbers and your garden.

13. Cinder Blocks

Set cinder blocks on the lids of the trash bins to keep the raccoons away.

14. Kill Them

If they’re troubling by poisoning their favourite food or garbage, you may kill the raccoons. You might even make use of a firearm to kill the creature that is noxious.

Note: Make sure you check your local laws first before killing the raccoons.

15. Cover the Water Sources

Raccoons like to live in water bodies, so take care that you just cover swimming pool during the night. Set up a wired net in the pond in order they don’t enter there.

16. Dog

Tame a dog. Yes, raccoons are not going to enter your loft should they discover a dog at home and are frightened of large creatures.

17. Garlic

Garlic functions as an effective home remedy that is raccoon repellent. Smash garlic and chili powder and distribute it around the borders of your loft. You might even scatter it around the garden at random near the harvests. They depart from your garden and will get irritated by the scent of garlic.


  • Keep loft and your lawn clean.
  • Clean the shed food promptly.
  • Frequently wash all the trash bins.


  • Don’t use substances that are dangerous as they may be prohibited in your state to kill raccoons.
  • Assess the neighborhood laws before utilizing the treatments to trap and kill the raccoons.       

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