17 Home Remedies to Eliminate Gnats

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Gnats are the pesky two-winged flying creatures resembling mosquitoes, which are modest in size but has the potential to drive you nuts sometimes. Gnats can cause damage to children, house plants, kitchen wares and residence pets, as they feed on other insects, plants and blood. They take spread disorders and parasites in livestock and human. They form large swarms near close house plants and aquatic areas and lay their eggs. These kinds are known as The other kind is the person who feeds on fruits and is called fruit flies. Both of these have an extremely brief lifespan around ten days and usually grow in summer. The existence of hazardous chemical compounds could be dangerous to you personally as well, although these irritating little insects could be kept through pesticides. Furthermore, pest control services may cost you tremendous dollars. Accordingly, in this informative article, we’ve mentioned natural home remedies on eliminating gnats.

Home Remedies for Gnats

1. Dry Out the Soil

As their larvae grow in the damp surroundings, among the primary sources of gnats is overwatering the houseplants. The easiest way to eliminate gnats would be to dry the land of plants out fully before watering them. The dry ground inhibits the development of gnats and kills larvae.

2. Honey Trick

Vibrant colours and sugary scent brings insects towards them. A home made gnat snare helps prevent regular incidence of these creepy creatures. Cut several pieces of plastic that is yellowish and apply honey on it to create the fungus gnats stick to it. Put them on or close to the houseplants to get these irritating flies.

Note: You may also use petroleum jelly for giving that tacky effect, but honey is more powerful because of its sweetness.

3. Potting Plants in New Pot

As the earth ages, it will keep plenty of moisture in it. Thus, replanting the house plants in a different pot of earth may save them from gnat strike. Remove as much as really possible and ensure you don’t damage the roots. As the eggs are laid on this particular layer, or take out the uppermost layer of earth.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

The fragrance of apple cider vinegar brings fruit flies towards it. You can just set apple cider vinegar in a bowl at locations where gnats instigate. Gnats get perish in the liquid and fascinated to vinegar. You may also make use of a mason jar and fill it 1/4th with vinegar. Put a funnel in addition to it to allow the gnats enter, but not leave.

5. Fruit Snare

Bananas are loved by gnats. Banana pieces can be used by you as lure for getting gnats. Any other fruit may also do the job. Just put the apple or banana piece in a little bowl. Take a bigger bowl and fill it using a combination of liquid and water dish wash. Put the little bowl inside the bigger one and cover both the bowls with cellophane wrapping and make little holes to permit gnats to enter. Now’s the time

6. Dish Wash

Join liquid dish wash in the water. The solution on the plants, to eliminate fungus gnats. Using dish wash will not hurt the plants it helps shield them from gnats.

7. Bleach

Bleach is a powerful oxidant that kills bacteria. Use bleach to clear all drains out and sink regions. Be sure to don’t splash on water after pouring bleach in the sink and drains. Let all night bleach do its work. You are able to do this weekly.

8. Vegetable Oil and Ammonia

Some other oil or vegetable oil is very an excellent source of bringing insects. Pour a little bit of cooking oil in the sink to gather the bugs at one location. When they gather in the sink, pour of ammonia on them. Ammonia is dangerous to living beings; as a result it’s going to help kill gnats. Be sure to utilize the sink after several hours and that after appropriate cleaning.

9. Alcohol

As it’s for human beings booze is equally dangerous to insects. Combine alcohol and water in 1:2 ratios. Fill it in a spray bottle, every third day and squirt on the plants. You can set it in a container and place it in the garden to bring gnats in case the solution isn’t adequate to cover all plants in the garden.

Note: Before spouting option on the whole plant, analyze it on several leaves to ensure it will not hurt plants.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is famous for damping off and restraining larvae. The powdered type of cinnamon is an all-natural fungicide. It will help ruin the fungus on which thereby restrains the development of fungus gnats and larvae feed. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on the plantation region and watch the results out. Duplicate this treatment weekly till the issue continues.

11. Tobacco

This is a little-known fact that tobacco brings the interest of miniature gnats. Thus is for gnats as tobacco is injurious to human well-being. Set the tobacco of 2-3 cigs in a dish close to the kitchen sink or at places where gnats immerge mainly. This treatment will kill gnats.

12. Baking Soda

Uses of baking soda are not small enough to make somebody spellbound. Perhaps you have considered utilizing it as a gnat repellent Yes, you can make it at home. Take one teaspoon liquid dish wash, four teaspoons baking soda and 1 -gallon water. Blend it well and spray on afflicted earth or flora for the most effective results.

13. Lavender Oil

As it brings the insects with its pleasant scent, lavender oil could be utilized to prevent gnats. Put a sponge. Place it in your living space.

  • Instead, put a lavender plant in your garden throughout the sitting region.
  • Or else, place dried lavender close to the windowsills.

14. Garlic

Garlic is a powerful mosquito repellent. It’s possible for you to use it to make a garden spray to help the plants get cleared of these pests that are creepy. Get 4 bits of garlic and soak them into one teaspoon of mineral oil for an entire day. Add one teaspoon of liquid dish and stress oil the following day wash to it. Transfer this mixture to a spray bottle and spritz it on your outdoor plants after trembling well.

15. Yeast

This formula will definitely work in the event you are tired of thinking about the best way to remove gnats in the home. Other insects and bacteria feed on yeast. Take a bowl full of a tiny yeast, a little water and sugar. Keep this mix at areas that are suspected and you will see it is caught up in by a lot of gnats.

16. Fly Paper

A lot of you’re still uncertain on the best way to remove gnats. For this particular, make this tasty fly paper to give gnats, a unique treat Notice the sarcasm, please. Get tablespoon each of brown sugar, 1 1/4 cup maple syrup and and granulated sugar. Combine all ingredients correctly. Now get the strips of brown paper and elongate the mix over it. Let it consume overnight. Hang these papers across the locations that are contaminated.

17. Jam or Jelly Trap

Sweet materials, like jelly and jam can be utilized to prevent gnats. When it’s going to get empty consider the jam jar and fill 1/4 of it with water. Blend well and make holes in its lid adequate to enable gnats to enter. After entering it gnats will pull towards the jar and expire.


  • Keep your home clean.
  • Clean kitchen utensils immediately after use.
  • Set drapes over doors and windows.
  • Cover all foods correctly with lid.
  • Keep the trash in a lidded dustbin.
  • Keep removing the rubbish from the home.
  • Keep fresh fruits in the fridge.
  • Remove rotten fruits promptly.
  • Use vacuum cleaner to eliminate them.
  • Electrical fly exploder can be fitted in the home.
  • Cover the dishes that are wet using a dry towel.
  • Close all of doors and the windows.
  • Keep a basil plant in the garden.
  • Repair holes and cracks if any.
  • Have fresh fruits and throw away one that is rotten.


  • Don’t leave leftover food on the kitchen slab.
  • Don’t allow the water that is stagnant fill close to the home or garden.
  • Avoid overwatering plants.
  • Don’t leave wet things or wet towels lying in the house everywhere.

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