15 Proven Home Remedies to Eliminate Moths

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Be it wardrobe or pantry, moths cause the most common among the home pest issue. They can be often found in food storage containers, in the wardrobes where fur and woolen clothes are kept. When you find one or two little moths generally, moth infestation may be identified. But having the ability to see them is impossible consistently. Therefore, you can take a look at these moth infestation symptoms to begin your evacuation strategy miniature holes in apparels; spongy web like layer in the corners of the stands, grills, wardrobe layers; dusty appearance on the very top of the seldom-used garments or displays; discolored appearance of the display, foamy look in the sides of the food containers; stinky shut stands. After preceding symptoms are discovered, immediately try the under mentioned home remedies on the best way to eliminate moths and additionally use other substances that are safe.

Home Remedies for Moths

1. Flypaper

This is an early process of setting snares to kill these creepy creatures and a straightforward though most powerful. Apply oil on the sides of a sheet/ paper to create the flypaper. Hang this paper in wardrobe or the kitchen stand to get moths.

  • Rather than utilizing edible oil on the flypaper you may use fish oil to bring numerous moths easily.

2. Vacuum

Hoover with high power operates efficiently in capturing moths from clothes, carpeting, stands, wooden door, corners and additionally from the displays. After vacuuming just washing the region gives long-lasting relief from moths.

3. Hair Dryer

On dresses which you can’t vacuum, you can blow dryer to give heat treatment as a way to restrain the moths by killing them and their eggs to it.

4. Naphthalene Balls

Add two naphthalene balls in a little cloth pouch made of cotton material and put it in the corners of your wardrobe stands. The pungent scent of these balls drives moths away.

5. Cedar Chips

As they despise cedar wood, Cedar repels moths. Here ‘s a great news for people who need thoughts to remove these insects from their house. Keep a bag of cedar chips in the regions that have been inhabited by moths and chase them away.

6. Herb Sachet

Herbs like rosemary, lavender, and thyme put them in the moth inclined regions to keep them at bay and may be added to little fabric sachets.

7. Lavender

You can add them to potpourri or scatter some dry lavender bloom; or just spray lavender oil in the places you imagine moths are found. Lavender helps pursue nearly all moths away.

8. Cloves Pouch

Make little pouch by the grain storage areas; keep these in the storage containers or enveloping cloves in tissue paper or a material section that moths do not reach food easily.

  • Make a thicker package of cloves using tissue or a fabric bit; subsequently put these in the cupboard or wardrobe to take care of your clothes from the pungent odor of cloves.

9. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves emit a powerful odor that moths loathe to inhale. The bay leaves may be added to a potpourri to get rid of moths. Scatter dry bay leaves to restrain moth infestation.

10. Essential Oils

Blend lavender clove oil, Indian Lilac oil and oil to create an anti-moth option. Dip a sponge in this concoction and hug. Wipe this sponge over the prone that is moth corners of wardrobes or stands to eliminate moth eggs, moths and much more.

11. Indian Lilac

Indian lilac is a great anti- natural herb that is pest. You can keep its fresh leaves in a corner of your kitchen stand to get rid of moths. Instead, soak a cotton ball in its herbal oil and put them in the stands. In the event of a wardrobe, just dust dry powder of Indian lilac.

12. Vinegar

White vinegar used as a pest management aerosol to stop the moth infestations and may be combined with equivalent percentage of water. But, spots may be left by treating specific places with vinegar, so use them carefully on food storage container and kitchen slabs rally.

13. Moth Crystals

All these are scented crystals accessible in all pest management shops. Get the moth crystals, wrap them in a paper towel and keep in your kitchen, wardrobe or under the bed to prevent the moths that damage food storage containers and the linen.

14. Pheromone Moth Traps

All these really are the famous moth traps obtainable in nearly all the pest management shops and also in several departmental shops. Purchase pheromone moth traps and keep these in the moth prone regions to mouth the moths.

15. Cinnamon Sticks

Set some cinnamon sticks in cupboards, the wardrobe and garment bags to chase them away. The smell of cinnamon may cling to clothing for more, which means you may decide to wrap them in tissue paper.

After eliminating moths, attempt to wash your house often with mild soaps, vinegar or spray pest management oils that are vital to make sure they do not come back. Above all, your food isn’t eaten by moths; instead they lay eggs in foodstuffs. Therefore, it will be better to discard food that is moth infested, or in case of grains dry them in the sun for several days before using.


Shortly after treating your cabinet from moth infestation, think about the following points:

  • Clean your garments to do away with moth eggs put in clothing.
  • It’s better to brush clothing made of fur and wool.
  • Clean your window drapes, screens and couch covers.
  • Wash kitchen stands, storage containers and the bags.


  • Don’t spray booze in your wardrobe to get rid of moths. This can cause spots in your dresses.
  • After washing the suitcases, totes and food storage containers, don’t leave them damp as they invite fungus.
  • Do not leave the moth-bringing flypaper in wardrobes or your kitchen stands as other smaller insects are attracted by it.

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