14 Useful Home Treatments to Remove Termites

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Termites at business or home is among the very frequent issues that’s faced by just about everyone. Particularly, where there are all those wooden fixtures and furniture like dining tables, shelves, stands, windows, wooden doors and wooden floorings. Termites are the insects which normally feed on dead plant materials, and human beings make use of such substances to furnish their place. When the termites get in touch with these wooden items, they feed themselves with it and after a specific time period, those works that are infested wooden get damages and poorer forever. It’s shown that some termites can have about 15 pounds of wood in a duration of a single week. Termites may also result in damage to the clothing. The termites consider warm weather always. Houses with high moisture content in them have a higher threat of termites. Occasionally, the existence of these creepy creatures could likewise alter. Though there are opportunities you lose some means, though you take great care of your own property, as well as your living will be intruded by the termites. Once the termites have entered into your home, you should work on termite treatment. There are many ways by which you’ll be able to prevent termites from your home forever. Below are some useful home remedies to eliminate termites.

1. Orange Oil

Orange oil is an infusion of orange peels that’s not soluble in water. This is an extremely common home remedy that ruins many insects including termites; therefore, it’s also called orange oil termite. Only, drill little holes at the positions infested by the termites and inject the orange oil into the hole. This will allow you to eliminate termites in 3 days to a maximum of 3 weeks, determined by the severity.

Note: don’t have this orange oil, as it’s injurious to well-being.

2. Electrocution

This is a very easy technique to eradicate termites. Passing the termites electric current will kill them. The apparatus for electrocution are obtainable in the industry. But ensure as it can cause serious impacts on your body that you’re not exposing yourself to it.

3. Hot and Cold Treatment

Termites cannot live in extreme cold and hot temperature. Temperatures under or more than 120 degrees -20 degrees. Put the wooden thing/bit or some other thing that is infested below the sun. It’s going to cause evaporation of the moisture content. Either they’re going to expire or left the wood. Instead, use liquid nitrogen for colder temperature to restrain termites.

4. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a type of insecticide that kills them definitely and damages the nervous system of the termites. Combine water and boric acid powder and apply it on the wooden surface by means of a paint brush to remove these creepy creatures. You can even treat rooms and your garden with this particular solution.

Note: It’s highly recommended to wear masks and gloves while managing boric acid as consumption or inhale of boric acid is dangerous for human beings.

5. Cardboard Snares

The termites feed on paper, but in addition on wood and cardboards, which includes cellulose. The cardboards may be utilized as a snare to control termites. Wet the cardboard and put it near the affected regions to bring termites. When the cardboard is full of termites, then hold it together with gloved hands or with handles and flame outside it. Then repeat the procedure many times if needed.

6. Termite Bombs

Pesticide fogger is generally called as termite bombs. This is a pressurized can that discharges it in kind of fog that settles back on the open surfaces and contains liquid pesticide. They expire instantly, when the termites come in touch with this particular liquid. Nevertheless, these termite bombs do not have the skill to permeate through the wood or other cellulose surfaces. It may be utilized as a termite control measure in your areas.

Note: Inhaling and ingesting of these insecticides are dangerous for both animals and people. Therefore, it is suggested to keep your kids and pets off from the merchandises; and during its use wear mask and gloves.

7. Essential Oils

Termites are eradicated by several essential oils efficiently. For instance, clove bud oil and vetiver oil simply to name some. The termites are eventually killed by both of them and ensure no re-infestation in future. Nevertheless, vetiver is usually suggested for termite treatment. Just pour oil any in a mist sprayer and put it to use on the infested wood and other affected locations.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe kills the termites when they get in touch with each other. Smash the whole plant of aloe and keep it in a container full of water over it. Required, choose one part of aloe that is crushed and 5 parts of water. Blend correctly and spritz it on the infested regions using a mist sprayer.

9. Sodium Chloride

Spray sodium chloride right on the termite’s prone region or soak some cotton balls in the solution and put it near the contaminated region, to kill these tiny creatures. Because of the existence of cellulose a plant-based substance in table salt, termites get pulled towards the cotton balls. This treatment not only kills the termites, but in addition prevents them from recurring.

10. Petroleum Jelly

Rub petroleum jelly on the wooden furniture that is dry. Leave it for two or a day and later use a soft cloth to shine your fixtures.

11. White Vinegar

Take cup full of olive oil. a a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and Pour in a bottle and shake well. Shine your old furniture with this particular mixture using a soft material.

12. Termidor

Termidor is a professional product. Use of termidor is suggested for the extreme state. It’s proposed to require pro’s help to conduct this treatment.

13. Microwave

This gear has electronic waves that could kill termites. Mobile microwave apparatus can be found in the marketplace, which is often utilized to eradicate the termites from your houses entirely. The therapy must continue for 10- treating a wooden bit of 1 to 2 feet.

14. Beneficial Nematodes

This is a product that’s worm species in it, which are in continuous search of hosts like other and termites. They will cause passing in another 48 hours and will burrow into the termites. It’s among the techniques that are significant to eliminate termites. But ensure you don’t have it by chance. It’s not safe for the body and may cause serious effects on you, occasionally even passing. These nematodes can be found in the neighborhood garden store in the place where they sell pesticides and insecticides.


  • Try before becoming infested by termites, to secure your home. Check for termites in the vicinity of the house always.
  • Use insecticides and pesticides all over the home as a preventative measure. Wear mask and gloves while doing this.
  • Cut down the branches which are touching the borders of your home.
  • Keep appropriate moisture level within your home.
  • As it raises the likelihood of termites wipe away all the dead plant products around your home.


  • Don’t have any openings in your houses unless it’s needed.
  • Avoid using merchandises that are unauthorized as they are able to result in damage to your wooden items to control termites.
  • Don’t keep wooden logs where there is too much wetness as they can be quickly attacked by the termites.

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