14 Effective Home Treatments to Eliminate Rats

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Rats are those obnoxious creatures that turn everything actually into rubbish and may intrude in your house without being welcomed. For survival, rats need enough food, water, and shelter. And in case these three things are provided by your house, it will be a difficult job to remove these rodents. The most frequently seen species of rats are Roof rats and Norway rats, which get readily brought to pet food, garbage, compost bins, food droppings or fruits and vines. Additionally, over 20 ailments are carried by them, and this might be actually dangerous. These furry interlopers find their approach to enter though you maintain your house clean. They target some of their preferred places like bags, lofts, cellar, pipelines, kitchen cabinet, and property near trees, shrubs, and shed.

Are you really fed up with that pitter patter voice Does the dropping of rats in corners and drawers give the eew feeling to you If so, we’ve got quick fix remedies. Here are a few home treatments to eliminate rats. Try them out

Home Treatments to Eliminate Rats

1. Moth Balls

Moth balls often repel the rats. All these are simple and are easy to get in the marketplace -to-use. Put a few in your loft to keep the rats away.

Note: Prevent putting these mothballs in the home as its scent is bad for people. Take appropriate attention that you don’t touch it with bare hands.

2. Ammonia

Combine 2 spoonfuls of detergent, a quarter glass of water and 2 cups of routine ammonia in a bowl. Put it where rats appear often. Since rats can not bear the odor of ammonia; therefore, this treatment will do the occupation.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil could be utilized to prevent rats as its pungent odor can not bear. All you need to do is dunk some cotton balls in the peppermint oil and put them in the rat-prone region. It will certainly give reasonable results.

  • Instead, castor oil and citronella can be utilized.
  • Or else, grow mint plants across the borders of your house.

4. Owl’s Feather

The rats will frighten and compel them to run away. Try putting some owl’s feather in the holes of these intruders.

  • Instead, in the event you can not find one, keep some plastic snakes in your garden to get rid of rats in the lawn.

5. Pepper

The pungent odor of pepper makes it risk and almost impossible for the rats to respire their survival. Just sprinkle some crushed pepper round the holes as well as the corners where they live. You are going to see favorable results. Repeat the procedure if needed.

6. Bay Leaf

Rats often eat it and consider bay leaf as their food. However, it really kills them. Set some bay leaves in the rat-prone region. Keep repeating the procedure until all them are gone.

7. Onions

This is an extremely powerful treatment to eliminate rats. The scent of onions is odious to these terrible rodents. Simply slice an onion and make sure it remains close their holes or inside.

8. Create Your Own Snare

Trapping is among the most effective methods to eliminate rats quickly. You place lure in it to bring the rat and can take a humane trap. Cheese and peanut butter are the rat’s favorite. It’ll be captured in the snare as the rat attempts to eat this. After this, you can leave it far further away from your house or in the woods in order that it never comes back.

Note: You may add boric acid in the peanut butter to help it become more successful.

Notice:  Wear latex gloves while using this treatment.

9. Dry Snake Litter/ Cat Litter

Purchase a number of the dry snake bedding material from zoo or a pet store and be sure that it remains near the areas where rats are prone to go to. Due to the anxiety about snake rats don’t come there.

  • Instead, you may also use cat’s bedding material.

Note: Keep it out of the range of pets and kids.

10. Human Hair

Rats can not tolerate the sight of the human hair, although it might seem strange. This is a good strategy to repel rats. Cut on several fibrils and throw them inside the holes of rats, or at the areas they often go to the most. They are going to die as the rats will eat the hair.

11. Cow Dung

This is a stinky procedure however among the most effective methods to prevent these rodents. Get some cow dung cakes and distribute them in your loft or garden. It’s going to inflame their gut and lead them to perish when rats eat the cow dung. So, helps dispose of rats outside the home.

12. Sound

Them not only hurt, but in addition gets their ears bleed. A sharp noise-making sound box is all you should make them run away.

13. Baby Powder

Yet, you can attempt it although this approach isn’t that powerful. Scatter the baby powder on the corners and across the rat-prone region. The rodents intoxicate and can help you remove them to a point.

14. Steel Wool

Need to eliminate rats in the walls Create barriers. It’s more difficult for rats to nibble on the steel wool. Thus, find out their access point and block the manner.


  • Constantly keep loft and the house clean.
  • Seal all the potential entrances of the rats
  • Keep your garbage cans awesome and cover them using a lid.
  • You can even possess a cat.
  • Remove and grease from BBQ Grills.
  • When you have the existence of these rodents, do clean the flooring using a solution of bleach and water equivalent percentage to safeguard your family from any disorder.
  • Clean the standing water from flower pots and other sources.
  • Cut down weeds and tall shrubs from your garden.


  • Don’t spill food there and here.
  • Don’t leave the food uncovered.

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