14 Easy Home Treatments to Remove Eye Twitching

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Eye twitching, also called Blepharospasm, is an automatic, repetitive motion of the eyelids generally the top eyelid that recurs every second or a couple of seconds. Eye twitching is normally for some time, but may be prolonged sometimes. It’s not debilitating, but might turn out to be bothersome, humiliating and irritating as it interrupts the work you are doing. Twitching may happen as a result of stress and exhaustion in the eye, dry eyes, excessive java, drugs and an excessive amount of consumption of booze. Several illnesses are linked with eye twitching including entropion, light sensitivity, pink eye conjunctivitis, trichiasis, uveris, and nervous system ailments. Here are a few simple home treatments to remove eye twitching.

Home Treatments to Remove Eye Twitching

1. Warm Compress

A warm compress makes the involuntary motions of the eyelids quit and the eye muscle function nicely. Get handkerchief or a towel and dunk it in the warm water. After squeezing it, place to the eye until the warmness is gone. Duplicate the procedure 5-6 times a day.

2. Banana

Among the very frequent reasons for eye twitching is the lack of potassium. Have bananas often as they have lots of potassium, which helps defeat twitching.

3. Hydrotherapy Technique

Alternative splashes from warm and hot water can help solve the problem of eye twitching. Begin doing with cold water in order that it constricts the blood vessels and splatter the warm water. Duplicate the procedure 8-9 times a day, for quicker and better results.

4. Calcium

Calcium is an important element for keeping the nerves and nervous system in good health. To be able to quit eye twitching, eat calcium-rich food like milk, yogurt, cheese, and orange juice.

5. Magnesium

Another powerful treatment to take care of eye twitching is ingestion of magnesium-rich
food like avocados, seeds, legumes, nuts, leafy greens, etc.

6. Rose Water

Rose water is a cleanser that is benign. Use rose water as eye drops to cleanse, nourish, and relax the eye muscles, as truly one of the primary reasons of twitching is filth.

  • Instead, you need to use rose water compress. Simply dip a cotton pad cover your eyes with it and in rose water.

7. Steam

Steam is another great method of treating eye twitching. It removes all the dirt from the skin pores and facilitates the nerve motion. All you’ve got to do is get the steam for 10 minutes often and add several globules of eucalyptus in boiling water.

Note: Cover your head using a towel while taking the steam.

8. Cucumber

One of the most effective treatments facilitate the nerve move and to soothe the eye muscle is the cucumber. Keep a piece of chilled cucumber on the eye that is affected. Until it regards the room temperature, keep it.

9. Potato

The cooling effect of potatoes loosens the muscles of the eyes, thereby giving help. All you’ve got to do is cut on a tiny potato into thin pieces, and place these cuts on your own eyes.

10. Eye Massage

Massage the area around below and above the eyes with the aid of the index finger. Massaging reinforce the eye muscle and will finally boost the blood flow. Duplicate the procedure 5-6 times a day for at least 30 seconds.

Exercises for Eyes

11. Tough Blinking

Tough blinking is an excellent manner of treating eye twitching. Shut your eyes really closely and open them wider than normal. This technique will moisturize the eyes. Keep repeating the procedure until the eyes produce tears. This treatment will provide remainder to your eyelids.

12. Quickly Blinking

Rapid blinking lubricates and loosens, but in addition helps remove any soil from the eye the eye muscles. Blink rapidly and quick for about 20 seconds. Afterward take a difference that is little and repeat the procedure.

Note: don’t continue the procedure if it causes pain or discomfort in the eyes.

13. Shutting the Eyelids Midway Down

Close the eyelids midway down can provide immediate relief. Attempt doing it for at least thirty seconds. This treatment keeps the muscles hydrated and powerful so the issue of eye twitching does not continue.

14. Breathing Exercises

Practicing the respiration exercises for ten minutes daily before sleeping and after waking up can help decrease the anxiety amount which, eventually, will cease the twitching issue.


  • Take appropriate slumber of 8 hours a day.
  • Drink more than 8-10 glasses of water.
  • Should you spend much time in front of the computer, to reduce the stress use computer glasses.
  • Take short breaks in between and close your eyes, while working on the computer.
  • Rinse your eyes at regular times.


  • Don’t drink tea or excessive coffee as it might improve the issue of twitching.
  • Do not have alcohol in surplus.
  • Don’t spend much time in front of electronic devices like notebook computer, and telephones.
  • Do not rub your eyes robustly.

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