13 Home Remedies to Eliminate Groundhogs

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Are you really stressed seeing marks of claws on fruit trees, large burrows and torn groves in your garden or lawn The reason behind all this madness may be the groundhog. Groundhogs woodchucks nibble vegetables and green plants of your garden and turn months of your hard work into fecal matter. Groundhogs are easily identified by their distinctive features like brownish colour, curved claws, furry body, and bushy tail. They’re a lookalike of squirrels, but large in size. These garden intruders are active during day and morning. They dig approx one foot deep and broad pits making your garden look terrible. Here are a few of the most effective natural home remedies to remove groundhog.

Groundhogs Repellent Home Remedies

1. Sudsy Ammonia

On a bright day, take 21/2 cups of sudsy ammonia and pour it in the burrow created Groundhogs will come out of the hole. Then repeat the procedure after one day, if they continue to live there.

  • Instead, if sudsy ammonia isn’t unavailable, you can combine 2 cups of routine ammonia, 2 spoonfuls of detergent and a quarter glass of water, and pour it in the hole.

Notice Wear gloves while using this treatment.

2. Havahart Trap

Groundhogs get readily brought to lettuce leaves and fruits like apples, which help snare these rodents. Place of the mentioned food things in a havahart and be sure that it remains at a distance from the burrow. Wait for some time until the groundhog is trapped.

Note:  In some parts, it might be prohibited to do the task. Therefore, it’s recommended to assess the local laws first.

3. Removes the Attractants

As prevention is preferable to cure, so remove like fallen trees, stone stacks and woodpiles from your garden. Little and Bushes plants also bring the groundhogs; thus, cut them from time to time.

4. Get a Dog

Taming a dog is among the simplest methods to eliminate groundhogs. They’ll not enter your land as groundhogs are frightened of the dogs. Lots of barking and peeing will induce them to leave on the habitat as a result of annoyance.

5. Mud

It’s just another groundhogs hindrance home remedy that is great. All you need to do is refill the burrow with mud again and again. It can be a slow and tiring procedure, but, ultimately, the woodchuck will get exhausted and leave the region.

6. Garlic

Woodchuck gets irritated by pungent and strange odor, and this also leads them to empty the burrow. Smash some garlic cloves and spread the paste on the affected region.

  • Instead, you can sprinkle some garlic powder on the place.

7. Fencing

Your garden can be protected by fencing from further trespassing of groundhogs. Once these rodents depart on your garden, fix it by fencing, so they don’t return.

8. Plant a Food Source Outside

Putting some of their preferred food source plants outside or in another place will allow you to eliminate them readily. They will be pulled towards those and WOn’t damage your garden.

9. Talcum Powder

Sprinkle talcum powder on the border of the garden and in the holes of the groundhogs, to remove them.

10. Pepper

It’s possible for you to use hot pepper spray for chucking the groundhogs out from your backyard.

11. Fumigation

Fumigation is another greatest anti-rodent treatment. It’s performed with the aid of a gas cartridge typically filled up with carbon monoxide. Try this on the burrow in the place where they conceal themselves, however in the summer seasons.

Note: It might be prohibited in certain states, so check your local laws first.

12. Human Hair

Groundhogs are prone to loathe the scent of people. It’s among the simplest methods to eliminate groundhogs. Get some human hair and scatter them around your garden. They leave the area in a day or two and will get irritated with the scent.

13. Cat Litter

Place used clay cat litter into the hole of the groundhog. With the addition of water, help it become dirty. Cover it using sticks and soil.


  • Check together with the local laws prior to using some of the treatments that are mentioned first.
  • Find the favourite food of the groundhogs out and use them as bait.
  • Do upkeep as well as routine cleaning of the yard.


  • Instead leave it on the outskirts of the town or far away, after getting the groundhog, don’t kill it.

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