13 Home Remedies to Eliminate Carpenter Bees

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Those 1/2&8243; round holes in bare, soft, moist or dry woods, outdoor furnishings and decks certainly suggest that your house has been infested by the carpenter bee. These bees do not eat wood they make a nesting place in them. Although these insects aren’t competitive but are able to offer cause tremendous damage to furnishings and your garden. Several compound products can be found in the marketplace, but the best way to eliminate carpenter bees in a non-poisonous manner Here are a few home remedies that can enable you to do away with these pain in an ecofriendly style.


Home Treatments to Control Carpenter Bees

1. Vacuum Cleaner

It is simple to remove the carpenter bees from the wood by using the tiniest nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Take a vacuum cleaner and place it over the openings or holes and vacuum up the bees. In case the hoover is weak, you’ll never have the ability to get them outside. This treatment works best when the nest is one that is fairly new. For the very best outcome, the finest time WOn’t have the ability to move out fast and to do this treatment would be in the evening hours as the bees are in their nest during these hours.

2. Sound

It might seem odd, but works magic. Carpenter bees can not stand sound make loud noise. Set up or sound box next to their homes to motivate them to fly away. This treatment is both safe along with hassle-free.

3. Petrol

Spraying petrol or diesel in the burrows will kill the bees. Being inflammable, your skin may be damaged by it, so be careful while using it. Wear an N95 respirator, gloves, and goggles while squirting on petrol in the burrows. Then tag it, in the event you are using a spray bottle and put it away for use of petrol-only later on.

4. Obstruct the Holes

This treatment is very helpful for people who abhor the after effects which are due to spraying on the insecticides. Shutting entrances and each of the openings of their nest may prove out to be an effective measure to eliminate carpenter bees. Since they will not be able to dig through steel wool, use steel wool for this function. You can even use putty and caulk.

5. Bee Sprays

This is among the very conventional techniques to get rid of carpenter bees. Make use of the storebought sprays and squirt it right into the nest when you are feeling the carpenter bees are inside the nest. Be sure to follow all of the directions wear the protective equipments and mentioned on the item, for instance, gloves and goggles, to secure your skin.

6. Vinyl Siding

By using vinyl siding to maintain your house protected still another powerful solution to keep carpenter bees further away from your house is. Vinyl siding has a non-wooden surface that can not be damaged by these insects.

7. Boric Acid

Boric acid functions as a toxin for the bees. Spray boric acid in the holes of the carpenter bees, to be able to kill their larvae before they hatch.

8. Aerosol Carburetor Cleaner

Spray aerosol carburetor cleaner on their burrows or on the bees. It’s the best treatment, although it’s definitely not a mild merchandise to be utilized for the extermination of carpenter bee. It’s obtainable in kinds that are diverse while the others will make their houses uninhabitable, some kinds might be successful in killing them immediately inside their burrow.

Notice – Keep the cleanser further away from your eyes or face; read the precautions and wear protection for your own security.

9. Badminton Rackets

In search of burrows, carpenter bees fly about during springtime season in order to lay eggs or feed their larvae. What this means is they become quite energetic for 2 3 weeks. Make use of badminton or tennis racquet to smash them down. The following noticeable additional choice after hitting them is to step on them with shoes on, of course.

10. Citrus Spray

Squirt citrus spray on the affected regions. Locate a citrus-based aerosol that’s made specifically for carpenter bees or you can also make it by yourself. Take the citrus fruit like lemon, lime, or orange, grapefruit, and let it boil in a shallow pot entirely full of water. Now, get a spray bottle and fill it with the citrus solution that is prepared. Spray it on the holes of the carpenter bees. As with other insects, carpenter bees have an all-natural abhorrence to citrus oil.

11. Almond Oil

To be able to repel the carpenter bees, you can even use almond oil or almond essence.

12. Diatomaceous Earth

Wear your gloves and fill the burrows. Now, shut the holes with the aid of putty. Be sure to do not use the glove for any other function throw them away or keep them for the next time. At the end, rinse your hands with water and soap.

13. Paint

Paint all the outside wooden surfaces of your home to lessen bee infestation. Even though all wooden surfaces are attacked by the bees, it’s thought they give more preference to untreated wood.


  • After the bees evaporate, replace all the damaged wood.
  • Keep all the wooden fixtures painted and nicely preserved, especially the regions that were exposed.
  • Keep a watch on new holes and block them as fast as potential.
  • Try and prevent the reproduction cycle. Killing adult bees or the copying females isn’t simply enough; you additionally have to ruin the bee larvae inside their burrows that the whole cycle that is menacing do not copy and begin all over


  • Avoid using pesticides that are restricted. As they could be terrible for you as well as your children’s well-being, they’re prohibited. In addition, it might cause serious environmental issues that are various.
  • Wear clothing that are shielding while using any treatment or when managing these carpenter bees, as you can damage.

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