13 Amazing Home Treatments to Prevent Bedwetting

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Innumerable moms spend sleepless nights worrying about their child’s bedwetting problem. Bedwetting Enuresis is the inability to control urine during sleep. Involuntary urination at night is called as nocturnal enuresis, whereas involuntary urination at day is termed as diurnal enuresis. Nocturnal enuresis is called as bedwetting. It may affect individuals of any age and is a familiar issue. The most frequent symptoms of bedwetting are unexpected urge to urinate, snoring, constipation, and pain while urinating. The bladder is not able to keep the urine. Other contributory factors are imbalance of hormone, diabetes, anemia, urinary tract infection, and anxiety. You’re at the correct spot in the event you are also seeking bedwetting treatments. With appropriate precautions and using the below-given home remedies, you can dispose of bedwetting.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting

1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is counted as among the most effective home remedies to restrain bedwetting. Its antioxidant content is considered to fight off the UTI Urinary Tract Infection and bladder infection causing bacteria, which, consequently, reduces the threat of bedwetting. After dinner treats the bedwetting symptoms soon ingestion of cranberry juice often.

2. Banana

Banana may be a tasty treatment for getting rid of bedwetting. Banana, apart from being a delicious and healthful fruit, helps control the impulse of urinating often. Eat at least two ripe bananas on a daily basis one banana in the other one as well as the morning prior to sleeping. It’s advantageous for both grownups and kids.

3. Honey

Honey is an all-natural sweetener, plus it does not add any fat to the body. Nightly, you can eat one tbsp of honey. Or else, place a tablespoon of honey instead of sugar in a glass of milk, to treat the ailment.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar neutralizes the acidic pH of the urinary tract, thus preventing bacteria from procreation and causing disease. It helps child command the impulse to urinate and also reduces the acidity of the gut. Add ACV 2 tbs in a glass of water and take it before meal on the standard basis in order to get fast relief.

5. Fennel Seeds

Another powerful treatment for treating the issue of bedwetting is fennel. Add two tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of fennel to a glass of warm milk. Stir nicely. Ingestion of the mixture often will get the issue of bedwetting vanish

6. Walnuts and Raisins

Besides being nutritious and delicious, raisins and walnuts additionally decrease the dilemma of bedwetting to an excellent extent. Take five raisins and two walnuts before going to sleep. Duplicate this treatment for at least a couple of weeks.

7. Bladder Exercise

Bladder exercise is among the most effective approaches for treating bedwetting. It’s a simple to do occupation. All you’ve got to do is drink lots of water. You may need to command when you’ve got a sudden urge to urinate. It is going to be problematic initially, but will assist you in the future.

8. Cinnamon

Merely a number of individuals understand the truth that cinnamon is utilized in treating bedwetting. Simply chew the issue to be dealt with by a cinnamon bark. Instead, combine sugar and cinnamon powder correctly. Distribute it over a buttered toast and eat it.

9. Jaggery

Jaggery is famous for its warming effects on the body. When the body is not cool, the difficulty of bedwetting does not happen. To treat the issue, take a little part of jaggery together with a cup of warm milk. After one hour, take sesame seeds and some roasted celery seeds in quantity that is equivalent with a bit of rock salt.

10. Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is just another popular natural treatment to stop urinary issues in grownups and children. Blend about half a teaspoon of mustard powder in lukewarm milk and drink it before hitting the hay.

11. Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil is a brilliant natural treatment for the children that are experiencing the long-term bedwetting issues. Warm olive oil on the abdomen and massage it for some time to reinforce the muscles, that will help restrain the urinary pressure. Routine 5-10 minutes the bedwetting problem will be cured by massage in a day or two.

Herbal Treatments to Treat Bedwetting    

12. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberries are employed as among the powerful natural treatments for bedwetting. Deseed two Indian gooseberries and smash them. Add honey one teaspoon and turmeric a bit powder to it. Have it every morning right after waking up.

  • Instead, mix of the pulp of Indian gooseberry using a touch of black pepper powder. Have it on a regular basis.

13. Herbal Tea

Prepare herbal tea by boiling bearberry, horsetail and oak bark in water. Have about 2-3 cups of this herbal tea daily to treat the issue of bedwetting fast.


  • Make a custom prior to going to sleep to urinate.
  • Handle the quantity of fluid eating.
  • Contain cereals, whole grains, veggies, fruits, almonds, bananas, and sesame in your daily diet.


  • Prevent the intake of liquid before sleeping.
  • Don’t have caffeinated and quite hot food and alcoholic drinks.

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