12 Simple Home Treatments to Eliminate Lizards

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Lizards are the unsolicited guests which are effective at creating hassle at home. Although lizards keep the surroundings clean, but regardless of this fact and feed on mosquitoes, pests, and spiders, their existence is unsettling. This creepy creature that is little doesn’t cause damage, but its single glimpse might get you sprint in utter fright. They go extremely fast and their size may change from 3 to 6 inches or larger. Do not get nervous in case you see a lizard crawling on your own wall. Clean out the stacks of paper, magazines, laundry, dirty kitchen before you switch on to any home treatments to remove lizards as well as throw out the garbage when possible. The lizard repellents accessible the marketplace could be bad for kids and your pets. Here are some eco friendly ways to drive lizards out from your house.

Home Remedies for Lizards

1. Egg Shells

Lizards are not going to enter your premises should they smell it and despise the scent of eggs. Keep some egg shells round the corners of windows, doors, and your home.

2. Java Powder

It is an extremely powerful technique to remove lizards. Mix coffee and tobacco powder and make spheres. Keep the spheres that are prepared on the places where they conceal the most as well as each corner of your home. After eating these spheres, they’ll either move further away from your home or die.

3. Garlic

The odor of garlic stands. This treatment may seem strange to you personally, but hanging some garlic cloves around your home will keep the lizards away.

  • Instead, you can put some garlic cloves in the corners as well as the entries of spray garlic juice or the home in the lizard-prone regions.

4. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray repels lizards. This treatment will make them run away. Prepare a solution by mixing red chili powder, crushed black pepper, and water. Spray round corners and the house.

5. Onion

Lizards can not take the pungent smell of onion. Hang some onions around all the other potential entries, windows and all of the doors. Or keep some onions in the regions encroached by the lizards. This creepy reptile will leave the area soon.

  • Instead, you can spray on a solution made of water and onion juice to repel the lizards.

6. Naphthalene Balls

The lizards are kept by naphthalene balls far away from house. Simply put them in entry and the corners of your home. This is actually the most common home remedy for lizards.

  • You may even use moth balls in place of naphthalene balls.

7. Flypaper

Flypaper lizards, but also traps the flies. Stick this paper on the wall. The lizards will stick to it and then it is possible to throw them away from your home.

8. Chilly Water

Spray ice cold water on lizard when you see it. This really is among the most easy and powerful methods to remove lizards. The cold water will make them immobile for some time. It’s possible for you to throw it away while it’s still.

9. Tabasco Sauce

Like black pepper spray, the scent of spicy Tabasco sauce repel . Combine of the sauce with water and fill it in a spray bottle. The solution on the window panes, back of the cupboards or corners of the home, to keep the lizards away.

10. Peacock Feathers

Place peacock feathers at the locations where the lizards are normally seen by you. Since peacocks eat lizards, so these reptiles can frighten by setting peacock feathers at the entry.

11. Phenyl Tablets

Simply put the phenyl pills at each of the potential entryways of your home. The lizards repel and keeps them away from your home.

12. Cardboard Box System

Then just immobilize it in a cardboard box should you not care to hurt the lizard at all and throw it away.


  • Keep your home clean, mop the floor frequently and, especially, after every meal.
  • Fix all of the fissures and seal all the entries that are potential. Use alloy screens
  • Lizards are attracted by light, so make an effort to keep off lights when you find any lizard outside the house.
  • You can even possess a cat. It’ll certainly give you a hand.
  • Simply continue your house insect free. They are going to leave the area, if lizards don’t locate their quarry.
  • Put your furniture 6 inches away from the wall.


  • Don’t keep the trash cans for as these bring the lizards filled.
  • Don’t keep gates and the windows open for long.
  • Do not spill food on the floor.
  • Prevent hanging bunch of images as lizards like to hang out behind them.
  • Empty out the water that is standing.
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