12 Proven Home Remedies to Eliminate Crickets

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You might get annoyed creeping over the wall or seeing crickets within your cellar furniture. In modest amounts, they may be rather benign. Crickets that are usually are of house crickets four kinds, camel crickets, field crickets, and mole crickets. You are certain to locate crickets wherever there’s a difference between things and the earth. They prefer shadowy and cool areas to conceal themselves. Nevertheless, you need to take steps to save woolens, silk, your paper, furniture and walls from their assault. Disinfecting the house, killing them or getting them are three potential options which may happen to you, to be able to chuck these pests out. Keep reading this informative article to understand some useful home treatments to eliminate crickets.

Home Remedies for Crickets


1. Molasses

Put some molasses in a big bowl. Fill the rest of the bowl with water. When they smell molasses Crickets will jump in the bowl. Replace the contents of the bowl often.

2. Set Snares

Set snares across the problematic areas like windows, doors or walls. Crickets are enticed to places that were damp and hot, so set the mouths around such regions.

3. Bug Spray

Make use of bug sprays to keep crickets away.

Note – These mustn’t be used when children are around as they can be toxic.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

By utilizing high efficiency particulate air hoover the room. These high powered machines will pull off the eggs from the places or carpeting wherever they’ve been laid.

5. Seal Your House

Seal the tiny crevices of your house together with the aid of plaster or cement in order that crickets don’t creep inside them. Use door sweeps and weather stripping for floorings. Use display and caulk patches for windows.

6. Throw Out the Garbage

Crickets are drawn by the scent of garbage, therefore bin should be kept covered always; and it has to be disposed of correctly from time to time.

7. Remove Glowing Lights

Crickets are fascinated by bright lights. Refrain from using LED lights in your own home.

8. Let Predators in Home

Spiders and lizards boom on crickets. If you let these two in your house, they are able to keep check on cricket population.

9. Soap Water

Fill a spray bottle with soap water and spray it around your house. It’s going to penetrate the crickets’ skin and cause annoyance, so repel them.

10. Homemade Spray

Steep 1/2 cup of red chilli powder, red chillies, or chilli sauce in 2 cups of water. Strain the liquid, and dilute it with 2 cups of water. Use it to spray over insects as well as the plants.

11. Diatomaceous Earth

Make use of diatomaceous earth food-level to drive out crickets.

12. Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Plant clover garlic and sweet peas in your garden, as nitrogen- crickets irritate and will drive them out.


  • Cut on long grasses and each of the bushes close to your house, so that crickets couldn’t get your inside.
  • Compost, mulch and wooden tiles should be put away from house.
  • Put in a bird feeder and let your cat sit outside.
  • Keep your home neat and tidy
  • Low growing plant life should be at least 12 inches away from the walls of your home.
  • Use sticky traps to get crickets, without killing them.


  • Don’t let any type of debris accumulate in drains or alternative places like rooftops.

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