12 Health Benefits Of Witch Hazel

Health Benefits Of Witch HazelScientific name Hamamelis, witch Hazel, is called ornamental and flowering plant. Quite handful people understand the health benefits of Witch Hazel that are amazing for our well-being. Witch hazel holds some powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can be expressed from its leaves, twigs and barks. The seeds of Witch Hazel, known as Hazel Nuts can be used to produce soaps, skin ointments, after shave lotion, shower gels, etc.

Leading Health Benefits Of Witch Hazel


Several research have discovered that, Witch Hazel includes some chemical agents including Flavonoids and Tannins that help treating the outward symptoms of hemorrhoids. These substances help enhance the damaged blood vessels which cause hemorrhoids.

Bouffant eyes

Witch Hazel is an excellent herbal fix for puffy eyes. In the event you confront puffy eyes simply soak a cotton pad that is little in Witch Hazel water and place it. Your arteries shrink.

Wounds and Burns

Witch Hazel works as a great antiseptic for burns, cuts, and almost any wounds. In addition, it works an all-natural moisturizer in the burn region. Witch Hazel oil may be applied on the surface that was burned to get a relief that was quick.

Cold Sores

Witch Hazel tea is an early home remedy for sore throat. It has got a great power to soothe sore throat and reduces swelling. Simply make some Witch Hazel tea, gargle to it and may drink it to get an instant result.


Eczema is a strange skin malady. It is possible to treat Witch Hazel being used by it as it includes powerful anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Take several Witch Hazel leaves and smash them to produce a paste. Subsequently use directly on the region that is contaminated. You may also use Witch hazel oil for Eczema.

Insect Bites

Witch Hazel is an extremely powerful antibacterial for just about any types of insect bites. It reduces swelling and inflammation.


A specific bacteria in the scalp is liable for dandruff. And Witch hazel is the best treatment for dandruff. Witch Hazel oil can be applied by you in your own scalp to remove dandruff.

Varicose veins

Witch Hazel has the shrinking power of blood vessels. It can help decrease the look of varicose veins. Simply soak a piece of cloth and apply the fabric that is saturated on the veins. Use daily to receive the best results.

Other Skin problems

Witch Hazel is a skincare herb that is versatile. It is possible to treat many skin problems like acne, blemishes, sunburns, cuts, blisters, black heads, etc. using Witch Hazel. It reduces swelling and inflammation. It will help to revitalize skin tone. Also, Witch Hazel is used in skincare and attractiveness merchandise business.


Witch Hazel includes an anti-itching property that fixes so on, and many itchy skin problems like chicken pox, poison ivy, sunburn. Simply soak a cotton ball and rub on the fabric on the skin that is contaminated. It soothes itching.

Freshen and Lighten up skin

Witch hazel is a refresher, an oil remover, as well as an excellent skin cleanser. In the summertime, Witch hazel can be used by you as a skin cleanser and skin toner. Besides, an all-natural content in Witch Hazel called ‘astringent’ tightens and refines skin pores.

Thus do not you need to bring this amazing herb to your house After knowing the health benefits of Witch Hazel everyone should keep at least some Witch Hazel Oils at home.

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