11 Home Remedies to Eliminate Stationary Hair Readily

Over styling your hair and regular use of harsh chemicals in the hair care products may frequently make them prone, dry, boring and dead to static charge. When two items of different electric charges rub against each other, their ions transfer inducing them to take the negative or positive charge. Likewise, when fibrils get the positive charge, they repel each other. This state is usually called as runaway hair. This situation may be especially bothersome although you attempt to handle hair but neglect to do so. Reduce friction to rectify this issue and it’s indicated to raise the moisture. The difficulty may be solved by combing hair after some periods to a point. Keep reading this informative article to investigate some straightforward strategies and tricks and acquaint yourself with the home treatments that are potential to eliminate hair that is electrostatic.

Home Remedies for Static Hair


1. Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer each single time you shampoo your hair.

Notice – For best results, use silicon-based moisturizer.

2. Comb Wet Hair

Brush your hair using comb or a brush while they’re still not dry. In case your hair are not wet, splash some water and then comb.

3. Hair Serum

Use serum to stop loss of moisture from hair. Get 3-5 drops of serum on palms and rub them together. Apply on your own fibrils.

4. Anti-Frizz Creme

Take a dollop of anti-frizz cream in your palms. Apply it upon your hair.

Notice – Avoid using anti-frizz cream in big amount as this might leave hair appearing level after becoming blended with natural oils present in your fibrils.

5. Alloy Comb

Plastic combs causes the issue of electrostatic hair and get charged readily; so, use alloy combs to comb your hair.

6. Decrease Using Hair Dryer

Dry your hair out partly with the aid of drier; let the remainder of them dry by themselves. Use ionic dryer rather than regular ones. This type of drier takes less time to dry your hair out as well as neutralizes the electric charge.

7. Mist Your Own Hair with Water

Spray some water over your hair when you experience electrostatic. This really is an immediate repair but its effect goes away after sometime.

8. Keep a Dryer Sheet Easy

Envelop your comb in a dryer sheet when not in use, as well as after utilizing it. You’ll have the ability to prevent static charge as a result.

9. Humidifier

Make use of humidifier in the room to stop your hair from the damage caused due to dry atmosphere.

10. Shoes

Favor wearing rubber-soled shoes rather than leather ones.

11. Hair Oil

Massage your own hair with oil as soon as they get dried. This also make your strands wieldy and can neutralize the static charge.


  • Keep a difference of 48 hours between washing your own hair with shampoo.
  • Use a wide toothed comb rather than a normal one to detangle your hair.
  • After washing with shampoo keep your hair moisturized by routine application of conditioner.
  • Go for hair hot tub monthly.


  • Don’t over dry your hair using blow dryers.
  • Don’t use excessive hair styling products like shampoos, sprays and gels.

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