10 Exceptional Home Treatments to Eliminate Ladybugs

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Are ladybugs / Asian lady beetle not harmless This question pops up in our head as we see this pest inside our house. The response is no. They’re predators and gardener’s buddies of garden pests like spider mites and aphids. Should we take action to get rid of them They may make a yellowish coloured liquid their blood, when they feel danger, which can stain our clothing, walls, hands, and looks stinky. Keep reading this article to learn powerful home treatments as a way to remove ladybirds.

Home Remedies for Ladybugs


1. Vacuum Cleaner

Once your home is dominated by ladybugs, the most effective way to fight them is cleaner. Vacuum clean your inside completely.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Distribute some food grade diatomaceous earth in the areas where you guess ladybugs.

3. Camphor and Menthol Spray

Combine and menthol in a spray bottle with small water; and spray the regions where the ladybugs conceal across. This treatment will drive them away, without killing them, because they’re sensitive to strong scent.

4. Soap Water

Fill a bowl with soapy water and put it in the region inhabited by ladybugs. They’ll undoubtedly be brought by the glowing light and fall in the trap.

5. Boric Acid

Scatter some boric acid powder across the affected regions. This can cause the ladybugs to run away without killing them.

6. Light Shade Paint

Paint your walls with colour that is dark as ladybugs are enticed towards light and brilliant colours.

7. Citrus Scent

Ladybugs can not resist strong odor. It’s possible for you to benefit from this and remove these pests by spraying on citrus or citronella aroma. You can also burn lemon-scented candles.

8. Clove Scent

Put some bags of cloves or scatter some clove oil in the regions which are infested by ladybugs. It’s going to make them evacuate the area fast.

9. Bay Leaves

Keep little pouches of bay leaves in the infested regions to drive out ladybugs.

10. Ammonia

Soak a rag in ammonia and use it to wipe doors, windows, and other surfaces.


  • Rather than killing or deciding ladybugs, sweep them out using sweeper.
  • Use light traps to catch ladybugs.
  • Obstruct all of the gaps in your doors and windows.
  • Caulk the whole opening in the piping, door and window frames, etc., so that ladybirds couldn’t enter the house.


  • Prevent picking ladybugs with your hands up as it might stain your hands and clothing.
  • Don’t use bug bombs.

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