Edible Food Packaging

As our society has shifted from consuming entire foods to consuming processed food-like merchandise, food packaging has become a key component of our solid waste stream. An regrettably, since there are rules about what’s protected for food to be wrapped up in, lots of this packaging is tough or impossible to recycle.

Apparently, this difficulty has vexed Harvard scientists, who recently announced that they have developed a food packaging technology that could remove the want for plastic containers, and we could see on grocery retailer shelves in the subsequent 12 months.

WikiCells, the brain kid of Harvard professor David Edwards, are “novel edible forms for eating and drinking transportable foods and drinks with out plastic.” WikiCells consist of a all-natural food membrane held together by electrostatic forces and containing a liquid, emulsion, foam, or strong food substance possibly inside an edible or biodegradable shell.

Is Edible Food Packaging The Answer To Plastic Waste? [Care2]

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