Have you ever considered investing in a portable GPS tracker? It may be something that you don’t think that you will need, but that is probably because you aren’t yet aware of the many benefits that a gadget such as this can offer you. The technology around GPS has been galloping forward at breakneck speed in the last decade and the portable trackers which are now available on the market are well priced, very small and lightweight and they have huge amounts of capabilities. With Christmas just around the corner this piece of kit might be something that you want to put on your wish list, and here are the many uses of the portable GPS tracker.

Parents and Kids

It is very sad that our kids can no longer play in the streets all day without any supervision, or that parents can’t let their children roam around the city or town without fear of something happening to them. Unfortunately however, this is the reality that we live in and there is always a danger to our kids, which we must be aware of. Wit this being said we cannot very well leave our kids locked up in the house all day, so a portable GPS tracker could be the answer to giving them some more freedom and independence. Using this gadget your kids can go off with their friends, and you will be able to protect them better by tracking where they are.

Mentally Ill

A common trait of many people who have mental health conditions is that they often wander off without a destination, which ends up with us losing many family members and friends. A simple way to either stop this from happening or being able to help should it happen is to simply attach a portable GPS device to the person who is going though some difficulties, so that you will be able to track where they go when they decide to go for a wander. We cannot be there around the clock for the people with troubles, but we can take steps to prevent anything bad from happening to them should they decide to take a walk.


Anyone who enjoys hiking can benefit greatly from using a portable GPS tracker, and it could even save their life. If a hiker gets into difficulty they may not be able to use their cellphone as the reception won’t be there and the battery may even be dead. With a GPS tracker however the person can send out an SOS message to someone in their contacts. In the worst case scenario that the person has an accident and is knocked out, mountain rescue can use the GPS coordinates from the tracker and find the person far quicker, which could be the difference between life and death.

There are many more uses for these trackers and they really are wonderful pieces of technology which many people will enjoy.