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Yeah, sad motion pictures just wouldn’t reduce it for us so we decided to lift you up a tiny with this list. This list follows ten of the most inspirational motion pictures ever to be made. Anytime you are feeling low and have lost hopes these certain films (any 1 of them for that matter) will do the trick for you. Keep tuned, we will be covering ten of the most inspirational songs soon. The movie is followed by the synopsis to help you determine which 1 you would watch this weekend. Bear in mind, there often is hope. Appreciate the read!


Gandhi - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

It was Richard Attenborough’s lifelong dream to bring the life story of Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi to the screen. When it ultimately reached fruition in 1982, the 188-minute, Oscar-winning Gandhi was one of the most exhaustively thorough biopics ever made. The film starts in the early element of the 20th century, when Mohandas K. Gandhi (Ben Kingsley), a British-trained lawyer, forsakes all worldly possessions to take up the cause of Indian independence.


What Dreams May Come - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

Based on a metaphysical 1978 novel by science fiction and horror author Richard Matheson, this romantic fantasy-drama won an Oscar for its pricey and impressive visual vistas depicting an imaginative afterlife. Robin Williams stars as Chris Nielsen, a medical doctor who has suffered with his artist wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra) via the devastating loss of their young children, Marie and Ian, who had been killed in a vehicle accident. Despite the fact that Annie’s all-consuming depression almost destroyed their marriage, the couple rebuilt their partnership and are now living out a comfortable middle age.


Braveheart - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

The story starts with young Wallace, whose father and brother have been killed fighting the English, being taken into the custody of his uncle, a nationalist and pre-Renaissance renaissance man. He returns twenty years later, a man educated each in the classics and in the art of war. There he finds his childhood sweetheart Murron (Catherine McCormack), and the two swiftly fall in adore. There are murmurs of revolt against the English all through the village, but Wallace remains aloof, wishing simply to tend to his crops and reside in peace. Nonetheless, when his adore is killed by English soldiers the day after their secret marriage (held secretly so as to avert the regional English lord from working out the repulsive right of prima noctae, the privilege of sleeping with the bride on the initial night of the marriage), he springs into action and single-handedly slays an complete platoon of foot soldiers.


Rocky - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), a Philadelphia boxer, is but one step removed from total bum-hood. A after-promising pugilist, Rocky is now taking nickel-and-dime bouts and operating strongarm errands for local loan sharks to survive. Even his supportive trainer, Mickey (Burgess Meredith), has offered up on Rocky. All this changes thanks to Muhammad Ali-like super-boxer Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). With the Bicentennial celebration coming up, Creed need to find a “Cinderella” opponent for the massive July 4th bout — some unknown whom Creed can “glorify” for a handful of minutes before knocking him cold.


The Shawshank Redemption - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

In 1946, a banker named Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is convicted of a double murder, even although he stubbornly proclaims his innocence. He’s sentenced to a life term at the Shawshank State Prison in Maine, exactly where one more lifer, Ellis “Red” Redding (Morgan Freeman), picks him as the new recruit most likely to crack under the pressure. The ugly realities of prison life are speedily introduced to Andy: a corrupt warden (Bob Gunton), sadistic guards led by Capt. Byron Hadley (Clancy Brown), and inmates who are tiny greater than animals, willing to use rape or beatings to insure their dominance. But Andy does not crack: he has the hope of the truly innocent, which (with each other with his smarts) let him to prevail behind bars.


Seven Pounds - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

Academy Award nominee Will Smith reunites with the director and producers of The Pursuit of Happyness for this emotional drama regarding an IRS agent whose quest for redemption is unexpectedly difficult after he inadvertently falls in adore. Ben Thomas is an IRS agent with a fateful secret. Assuming the identity of his younger brother, Ben sets out in search of redemption. Instead, Ben discovers true love whilst forever changing the lives of seven complete strangers. Woody Harrelson, Rosario Dawson, Michael Ealy, and Barry Pepper co-star.

four. Pay IT FORWARD

Pay it Forward - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

A young boy stumbles upon a easy way to adjust the globe in this drama. Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) is a vibrant 11-year-old boy who comes from a troubled property his mother Arlene (Helen Hunt) is an alcoholic attempting to hold down two jobs to assistance her son, while Trevor’s father Jon Bon Jovi) left his household behind some time ago. At school, Trevor’s class is introduced to their new social research teacher, Mr. Simonet (Kevin Spacey), a guarded man with extreme facial scars. Simonet gives his class an unusual assignment — think up a practical way to make the globe a greater spot, and place it into action. Trevor comes up with the notion of “Pay It Forward” — do a necessary favor for 3 diverse men and women with out being asked, and then ask them to do the exact same for three other individuals.


Grapes of Wrath - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

Henry Fonda as Tom Joad, who opens the film returning to his Oklahoma residence after serving jail time for manslaughter. En route, Tom meets family members buddy Casey (John Carradine), a former preacher who warns Tom that dust storms, crop failures, and new agricultural approaches have financially decimated the once prosperous Oklahoma farmland. Upon returning to his family members farm, Tom is greeted by his mother (Oscar-winner Jane Darwell), who tells him that the household is packing up for the “promised land” of California. Warned that they shouldn’t expect a warm welcome in California–they’ve already seen the caravan of dispirited farmers, heading back home right after striking out at obtaining function–the Joads push on all the exact same.

two. Guys OF HONOR

Men of Honor - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

This military drama is based on the correct story of Carl Brashear, who was the initial African-American to serve as a diver in the United States Navy. Brashear (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) was born to a poor farming family members in the deep South, and joined the Navy in hopes of bettering himself. When Brashear applies for diving school, he initial encounters Master Chief Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro), a gruff and tyrannical diving instructor who holds absolute sway more than his charges. Sunday does small at very first to encourage Brashear’s ambitions, and the would-be diver discovers racism in the military is an ugly reality of life when his white comrades refuse to share barracks with him. But Brashear’s courage and determination make an impression on Sunday.

1. A Gorgeous Thoughts

A Beautiful Mind - Ten Most Inspirational Movies

The correct story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. is the topic of this biographical drama from director Ron Howard. Russell Crowe stars as the brilliant but arrogant and conceited professor Nash. The prof seems assured a rosy future in the early ’50s immediately after he marries lovely student Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and makes a remarkable advancement in the foundations of “game theory,” which carries him to the brink of international acclaim. Soon immediately after, John is visited by Agent William Parcher (Ed Harris), from the CIA, who desires to recruit him for code-breaking activities. But evidence suggests that Nash’s perceptions of reality are cloudy at best he is struggling to keep his tenuous hold on sanity, and Alicia suspects a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Battling decades of illness with the loyal Alicia by his side, Nash is ultimately in a position to acquire some control over his mental state, and eventually goes on to triumphantly win the Nobel Prize.

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