Film-Producing to The Individuals

Iconoculture: Xtranormal text-to-movie technologies is generating its way by word of mouth into the hands of any individual who wants to transform their typed rants and raves into one thing much more special. The Xtranormal tagline — “If you can sort, you can make a film” — says it all.

Users decide on from 16 animated character sets (like Luchadorz, bulbous Mexican wrestler-varieties or Starz, with the likes of Oprah, Seinfeld and Larry King), then decide on 1 or two actors per film. Users can then kind whatever text they like and see it instantaneously transformed into the dialogue of their extremely own animated short. In Xtranormal’s hands, the boring becomes bearable and the entertaining goes off-the-charts hilarious.

Xtranormal text-to-film tech puts words into animated mouths [Iconoculture]

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