Cycle-In Cinema

Cycle In Cinema – Magnificent Revolution from culturehunter on Vimeo.

Springwise: Magnificent Revolution’s Cycle-in Cinema taps the kinetic energy of its participants to energy the entertainment. Viewers can merely ride to a screening on their preferred cycle, hook it into the on-internet site generator and commence pedaling. Even though the resulting power powers the efficiency, the movie’s soundtrack is broadcast utilizing a wireless transmitter that can be heard by audience members by way of mobile telephone or FM radio. Events are cost-free, with a suggested donation of GBP 5 a assortment of drinks and locally sourced snacks are usually for sale.

London-based Magnificent Revolution also offers 100W bicycle generators and other gear and workshops to support make a range of similar pedal-powered projects feasible. Meanwhile, it is preparing a series of Cycle-in Cinema events in the UK all through 2011 and 2012. One particular to get involved in — or emulate in your neck of the eco-minded woods?

In the UK, pop-up cinema runs on pedal energy [Springwise]

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