Coffee Table Controller

Becoming lovers of style, comfort and technologies, you’ve doubtless currently decked your living area out with a multimedia sofa and a recliner with a built-in sound technique. Possibly you’ve even gone to the difficulty of hiding your plasma Television behind a good art print or surrounding it in a residence-theater-like frame. If you’re now a tad underwhelmed by that functional, but otherwise rather dull, coffee table, then we could have some thing to bring a smile to your face. Furniture maker Charles Lushear has supersized the brick-like controller from Nintendo’s iconic 8-bit gaming method launched in the mid-1980s, swapped the cold plastic for the elegance of wood and positioned some mid 20th century legs underneath to make a totally operational Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.

Furniture builder tends to make totally functional wooden NES controller coffee table [Gizmag]

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