Technicrete Head Office in Johannesburg by ASA Architectural Styles

Technicrete was began in 1968 under the leadership of Jurgen Schultz. It was he who sensed a huge industry opportunity for the use of precast concrete items in a selection of applications in the construction, constructing and mining industries. More than the years Technicrete has expanded its range of concrete items and right now has the most comprehensive range of concrete goods. As a South African based company committed to the sustainable development of South Africa and its people, Technicrete has produced, and will continue to make a meaningful contribution to the infrastructure and people of South Africa.

ASA Architectural Styles have built Technicrete new Head Office on a website next to an exising concrete factory. The web site, of a narrow triangular shape already contained 3 abandoned structures of different types and ages and of poor infrastructure, totaling 750sq m. This choice implied a extensive refurbishment of the present structures with an addition of 500sqm.

Technicrete Head Office in Johannesburg by ASA Architectural Designs

The client’s brief requested that architects ASA Architectural Designs use as much of the current buildings as feasible as nicely as creating provisions for future expansion, all inside a tight price range. In order to develop a sustainable adaptation, some significant style constraints needed to be addressed: the unusual shape and condition of the buildings and the noise levels from the adjacent factory.

ASA endeavored to obtain that by seamlessly blending the new and the refurbished with a level added above the entrance foyer. This way the foyer opens up to a double volume even though the executive boardrooms on leading open out to a significant entertainment terrace. The terrace as effectively as panoramic windows respond to the magnificent views even though receiving the desirable northern light.

To dampen the noise coming from the adjacent factory ASA shifted the bulk of workplace space to the northern side, and all services to the southern side, next to the factory. Internal finishes and fittings are of high top quality, imparting a sense of durability rather than luxury.

Building Design of Technicrete Head Office in Johannesburg
Technicrete new Head Office in Johannesburg
Entrance level design Technicrete new Head Office in Johannesburg

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