Sophisticated Shelf Systems, Multiuse from AGAPECASA

A versatile and elegant furnishing program elaborated upon down the years by the very same designer operating on the thought of a structure composed of wooden uprights and cross-beams incorporating horizontal shelves and vertical in-fill shelves, including the sliding panels functionally characterizing the project. The design now being re-proposed functions a structure in which the seamless horizontal planes hold up the vertical components and are fitted with extruded aluminium cross-beams, whose distinctive section is created to let the front doors to slide. The doors’ interplay of concealing and revealing is the most distinctive stylistic function of this nevertheless incredibly cutting-edge furnishing method: just like the systems created by Charles and Ray Eames, here is yet another 20th-century classic. Go to Agapecasa for detail.

Practice shelf systems

Unique shelf systems
Stylish shelf systems

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