Rainbow Rotating Drawers

If you are tired of the same old boxy furniture pieces and you are ready for a thing new, forget about square shaped tables and cabinets, it is time for this. Extremely vibrant colored this chest of drawers will certainly catch your interest not only by the vivid tones but by the way these drawers move.

I like the concept and I sense fairly a bit of dualism right here. I mean look at it this can practically look like the socks drawers you have in your space when everything is centered and arranged, but in an instance this apparently regular hunting chest of drawers can be transformed in a funky piece of furnishings that could say a lot about its owner and about his personality. Each and every drawer is created of MDF and each and every has a joint in the middle allowing it to move in any direction you want.

Colorful Rotating Drawers [Homedit]

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