Modern day Container Houses, Old Lady Property by Adam Kalkin

Mass-production is not generally a go-to term for a cozy living space, but Adam Kalkin’s Old Lady Residence is a refreshing reminder that two seemingly disparate concepts can be reconfigured to exist harmoniously. Despite the reality that the home is dubbed the Old Lady Home, all of the finishes within it – a concrete floor, huge glass panes, sliding doors, stainless steel, beams and columns – speak to an edgy, industrial aesthetic. Nevertheless, to preserve the property in line with its rustic surroundings, Kalkin used all-natural materials like fir flooring and mahogany sliding doors in the smaller spaces that incorporate a dining alcove, a half-bath, a pantry, and mechanical and laundry rooms.

Old Lady House by Adam Kalkin

The two-story abode is built virtually exclusively from cargo shipping containers, but The Old Lady Home does an incredible job of concealing it’s origins with its warm and welcoming interior. A single third of the floor space in the main living spot is occupied by a 12-foot extended kitchen island where the owner can prepare food whilst gazing on peaceful views of the forest. Adjacent to the kitchen space, two significant sofas are obtainable for lounging near a cozy fireplace. Considering that all of the corrugations are hidden behind the drywall, you cannot even inform that you’re in a shipping container unless you take place to peek behind the stairwell.

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