Modern Bathroom Design with Freestanding Washbasins by Mastella

Here is a new trendy bathroom inspiration from Mastella. The bathroom collection is distinguished in dark, black exterior and pure, white interior that could create a contemporary contradiction. The freestanding Party bathtubs and freestanding Physique washbasins are excellent mixture to create a style statement in the bathroom. Created by architect Oriano Favaretto, the bathroom fixtures are bold and perfect for every style from contemporary to traditional. The bathtub is shaped in egg-form, which looks really suitable for achieving an optimum comfort. This organic bathtub is completed with a flat-edge rim that is excellent for locating a wine glass or scented candle. For a lot more info check out Mastella.

Stylish Black Bathroom Design 1

Stylish Black Bathroom Design 2

Stylish Black Bathroom Design 3

Stylish Black Bathroom Design 4

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