Minimalist Fridge in a Below-Counter Cupboard : Izona Chilly Drawer

Do you reside in a small residence with minimalist kitchen?? The Izona Chilly Drawer is the solution for your minimalist home Let’s take a great look at the pictures, the equipment appears like an ordinary cupboard than an actual fridge, and it seemingly has a excellent service of guarding many vitals that singles and area-restrained residents have in provide. The drawer has 5 dissimilar heats – Freezer, Chill, Fridge, Pantry and Wine Storage. The heats are straightforward to manage by way of pressing a essential of each heat obtainable on the door of the refrigerator. Are you interested to preserve a single in hand?

a3 Minimalist Fridge in a Below Counter Cupboard : Izona Chilly Drawertechnology

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