Minimalist Apartment Interior Style by Vitaly Pavlenko Architect

Right here is contemporary minimalist apartment decorating concepts. With gray dominant color, this apartment is look clean and minimalist. Vitaly Pavlenko architect, as popular designer produced this apartment architecture positioned in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The large 1300 sqm apartment purposed for the young family members of tow but with their fun youngsters area. The innovative type corridor apartment walls and artistic spot partitions developed it a singular function of the space interior decor. Because of fairly complicated define of exterior walls rooms are located in a line on 1 side of the modern corridor. Swish lines which typify this area produced the illusion of an huge and spacious front room. The dominant for this apartment layout color choice is white and gray. the variability of its shades creates every portion of rooms appearance uncommon but lovely. For each area a additional color was added. The comfort front area and consequently the kitchen feature red color elements, the bedroom and as a result the lavatory are created with inexperienced colours, the kid’s location and therefore the small lavatory in orange. The apartment is normally furnished with the Italian and French furnishings.

Photo 1 Apartment With Minimalist Gray Interior

Photo 2 Apartment With Minimalist Gray Interior

Photo 3 Apartment With Minimalist Gray Interior

Photo 4 Apartment With Minimalist Gray Interior

Photo 5 Apartment With Minimalist Gray Interior

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