Luxury Property Design of Giverny Residence by Ronald Lu & Partners in Hong Kong

Ronald Lu &#038 Partners have completed style of luxury living at altitude for residents in new Hong Kong hillside development. Situated on a scenic headland overlooking Pak Sha Wan and surrounding hilltops, this prestigious residential development consists of 63 two-storey townhouses ranging from 110 to 260 sq m. The project makes use of a wide range of organic components like masonry and timber which are in depth in a non-traditional way to further articulate our ideas. The interplay and juxtaposition of contrasting finishes is the emphasis of the architects’ ideas via colour, texture, light and shadow.

Luxury House Design of Giverny Residence by Ronald Lu &amp Partners

In terms of internet site organizing, the terraced Clubhouse is strategically positioned at the website entrance to create a ‘landscape focus’, while all the homes are distributed along the access road to capitalize sea views. With a ‘naturalistic’ and ‘modern tropical’ approach, a retreat with resort ambience is envisaged. Nature is brought into the houses through the incorporation of side gardens and rustic components.

The key challenge of the project is to elegantly break down the density and create an exciting passage from the front gate to the property. Their answer is to develop a journey of discovery by breaking down the scale with entrance forecourts and garages, escalating spatial layering by means of materials and architectural characteristics and lastly treating the surface with steps, ramps and modulation of light and shadow.

The website design of Giverny aims to extend the site beyond its physical boundary by capturing the layers of mountainous surroundings and echoing the mirror-like suface of the Sai Kung Sea. The concept is shaped by establishing visual connections with its surrounding nature, preserving existing trees and integrating landscape elements into the architecture. We want ambiguity among nature and architecture.

Giverny Residence by Ronald Lu & Partners
Luxury Giverny Residence by Ronald Lu & Partners
Luxury Giverny Residence by Ronald Lu & Partners in Hong Kong

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