LED on Ceiling Lighting Program, Tenno by Kreon

Perfectly integrated luminaires resolve a functional requirement through creative light scenarios. Light becomes the starting point for the creation of a rhythmical space and is no longer isolated or a mere functional demand. By recessing lamps above the ceiling, the atmosphere becomes restful and comfortable to the eyes. In addition, soft and non-reflective ceiling surfaces eliminate disturbing reflections.

Ceiling Lighting System, Tenno by Kreon

The concept of global lighting, including wall-washers, spotlights and common lighting can be comprehensively fulfilled by Kreon’s collection of architectural luminaries. This ensures that complicated and demanding projects can find intelligent answers within this catalog. Kreon’s tile with integrated luminaries unit is as simple to set up as the regular tile. It features the very same components and colours as the common, providing high architectural homogeneity. All units are originally delivered with a cable of 3m and GST connectors to ensure fast and straightforward installation.

LED developments are driven by miniaturization and increased performance. In order to maximize these positive aspects, innovative lighting options are necessary that can control intensity and temperature. The use of LED technologies inside the Vektron ceiling technique enables the possibility to improve the luminaire location and by carrying out so, increase output and uniformity whilst ensuring right operation. Precision optical handle and spacing of these individual LED sources was created by Bartenbach Lichtlabor. Tenno has all lighting elements concealed in the tile. There is no competition in between architecture and luminaire, as the two merge with each other to type an entity. This guarantees that light and space obtain the consideration they deserve. For more detail please pay a visit to Kreon.

Ceiling Lighting System, Tenno by Kreon 2
Ceiling Lighting System, Tenno by Kreon 3

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