How to Maximize Small Spaces Apartment with Separate Living Sections

Japanese designer Yuko Shibata created separate living and operating locations by installing two mobile walls for maximize the use of little spaces purpose. With installed this two mobile walls, we are in a position to transform a little residential space into a mixed use area with separate living and office sections. Yuko Shibata cleverly came up with the idea of a moving bookshelf/wall to make life simpler for best bachelor pad living. Known as Switch, the project features one partition that slides out over the dining table to produce a meeting space on a single side and library on the other The concept is basic: really should you want more space, move the wall and voila!

Minimalist Sliding Spaces

The mobile bookshelf/wall can divide the room into an workplace, bedroom and living spot ought to you need to entertain your guests or have some alone time. Considering that the majority of little apartments is 1 square space, why not reside a tiny and add some mobile entertaining?

Mobile Wall by Yuko Shibata
Living and working areas dividers
Drawing Concept Mobile Wall by Yuko Shibata

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