Futuristic Interior Style at Milan Design Week 2010

“Smart-ologic Corian® Living” interior design exhibit offers a glimpse into the future of the A&#038D scene. The exhibit at the Milan Style Week 2010 hopes to raise awareness about sustainable products and highlights how aesthetics want not be sacrificed in the name of environment. Renowned designer Karim Rashid makes use of this space beautifully by integrating DuPont™ Energain® panels into his vision to achieve what he terms “a modular holistic residence idea”.

Futuristic Interior Design at Milan Design Week 2010

The exhibition featured soft organic shapes realised via a morphic material to develop a sensual living atmosphere, a space that echoes the digital techno-organic planet us reside in, evoking an alternative way of experiencing the residence atmosphere.

The soft organic shape made for this evocative home idea creates a womb-like structure that is conducive to power efficacy through the sculptured type, no corners trap hot or cold air. The home relies on sustainable and intelligent infrastructure for power consumption and production with water reuse and low impact construction.

With its capability to guard the envelope while letting it “breathe”, DuPont™ Tyvek® developing membrane contributes to the comfort of interior environments. The photovoltaic modules of DuPont, integrated into the roof, develop environmentally-sustainable power. All the lighting is LED for efficiency and low energy consumption and the radiant floors are powered by solar generated energy. This notion of techno-organic home is the beginning point for shaping a smart domestic environment, based on the overall performance of a variety of various supplies and technologies.

Smart-ologic Corian Living
Smart-ologic Corian Living 2
Smart-ologic Corian Living 3
Smart-ologic Corian Living 4
Smart-ologic Corian Living 5
Smart-ologic Corian Living 6

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