Fashionable Compact Kitchen Concept, Closet Kitchen

Much more and much more space saving furniture designs are supplied. Compact furniture is quite helpful, specially for tiny property or urban condo. Entitled the Closet Kitchen, this trendy little kitchen will assist you preparing breakfast, lunch or even dinner with some enjoyable. Completed by Joe Fleischhacker, this modern kitchen gives a comfy space for cooking your nutritious and healthy meals. Completed with two propane burners, charcoal-filter ventilation technique, a mini-fridge and storage space for cooking vessels and utensils. This modern kitchen is not only perfect for a private residence, but it will also work for an workplace. Apart from its main function to prepare food, the Closet Kitchen could accommodate a space for enjoying the meals.

stylish small kitchen ideas picture 1

stylish small kitchen ideas picture 2

stylish small kitchen ideas picture 3

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