Ergonomic Chair Design, Fluid Ribbon Chair by Michael D’amato

All-natural movement of the physique restricted by the chairs with strong seats and backs. Splitting the chair makes it possible for the subtle but important biomechanical movements… and the result is a outstanding sense of freedom even though sitting. The Fluid Ribbon Chair came about when Michael D’amato, a bio-mechanical engineer, was asked by his brother, who had some back difficulties and sits all day for function, to assist style an ergonomic chair that would supply some relief to his predicament. D’amato came up with a strong piece style, curved in the right locations to provide help to the critical parts of the physique. But the most crucial component of this chair is the split in the middle.

Photo 1 ergonomic chair named the Fluid Ribbon Chair

The new chair imbibes a modern appear in a curved design. The curves are placed in the appropriate places in order to offer you maximum support to vital parts of the physique. A distinctive function of the new piece is that it is split in the centre. The division permits every single side of the chair as effectively as the physique to move individually which leads to continuous small movements during the sitting period.

Photo 2 ergonomic chair named the Fluid Ribbon Chair

Fluid Ribbon measures 40cm in width, 60 cm in depth, and 90cm in height. The chair is accessible in aluminum and bamboo versions. Plans are also on to develop a leather model of the piece. It gives choices of a host of shades which includes silver, all-natural, red, black, and white and comes at a value ranging among $ 250-$ 2500. For more detail information, examine out D’amato’s Fluid Ribbon Chair video on Kickstarter.

Photo 3 ergonomic chair named the Fluid Ribbon Chair

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