Eco Friendly Furnishings, Recycled Bowling Lane Furnishings

Furnishings is a part of residence interior decoration. All not furnishings is produced from new wood and supplies. This is a sample of eco-friendly furnishings from recycled item. Crafted from reclaimed strips of wood salvaged from a neighborhood defunct Tava Lanes Bowling alley, the collection springs to life in a variety of types which includes a series of wall hangings and a low coffee table.

Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Furniture, Recycled Bowling Lane Furniture

All of the pieces in Stranger’s Second Life project had been made from pieces of salvaged wood that would have have otherwise produced their way to the landfill. Whether these supplies were sourced from felled trees or the remnants of an old bowling alley, each and every piece in the collection is inevitably distinctive, and may well just make you feel twice the next time you stroll by a demolition web site or see a stray piece of lumber.

Recycled Bowling Lane Furniture, Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Recycled Furniture


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