Contemporary Mandeville Canyon Residence by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Rockefeller Partners Architects behind this modern day home style of Mandeville Canyon Residence positioned in Los Angeles, California. This home is designed with mixture modern style and all-natural landscape. With all-natural views observed from inside, producing the interior ambiance is very cozy and warm. This modern day residence pays homage to the craftsman architecture of the early 1900s with its originality, simplicity of form, use of organic materials and the visibility of handmade specifics. Significantly like its turn-of-the-century predecessors, the style rejects opulence and mass-developed housing components.

Modern Mandeville Canyon Residence

In addition to the exterior, the interior of this house is designed in modern design style. Exceptional distribution space of the very first floor is essentially one space a modern kitchen, living space, dining room, recreation room and library. But this space is still divided between a visual and different levels of the floor and tables, bookshelves and cabinets. Interior of the property, of course, does not yield excellent looks, and even surpasses it. Take the place of rest in the frame of the window in the bedroom at property.

Modern Living Room Mandeville Canyon Residence

Modern Courtyard Mandeville Canyon Residence

Modern Kitchen Mandeville Canyon Residence

Landscaping Design Mandeville Canyon Residence

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