Contemporary Fireplaces Style with Dark Themed, Wall B from Antrax IT

Wall B (box) is the new fireplace designed by Andrea Crosetta (chosen for the Golden Compass Award with his Tubone radiator) – a box hanging on a wall. This is a classic open-mouth fireplace where the romantic crackling of the fire and the scent of burning wood are enhanced and the heat produced is reminiscent of the warmth of the hearth in days gone by. Tradition in a modern context – opaque black in laser reduce steel, precision assembled by robots and expertly finished with the craftsmanship of Antrax IT. Wall B suggests the shape of a cult object like the IPod, with a mixture of curved and straight lines. Separated from the wall and the floor it resembles a light box suspended in the atmosphere. Wall B measures 97cm in width, 28cm in depth and 123cm in height. For a lot more detail please visit Antrax IT.

Wall B Fireplace from Antrax IT

Contemporary Black Fireplaces

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