Container Home Condominio P in Cagliari by C+C04STUDIO

Positioned in Cagliari – Italy, C+C04STUDIO and Francesco Atzeri Engineer have completed residential building Condominio P. The project seeks the unity and uniqueness of the constructing of individual houses with a program of “cells” person recognizable. The use of color is the instrument “anti-gray” urban while half to determine the different containers-property recognizable even with the introduction of numbers engraved on the coating of colored laminate. The terraces loops are “diversion volume” that separate container-house and by putting the interior space in continuity with outer space.

Container House Condominio P in Cagliari

The complicated lies in an spot impacted by profound modifications in urban organizing and architecture, not all constructive. Whilst the developing fabric of the neighborhood – characterized by tiny low buildings developed in the 30s and 50s – has been transformed in the nineties by operations that have developed new replacement buildings of modest architectural top quality, future projects seem to reverse a negative trend once ugly and anonymous.

Close to the internet site, to the south, the current demolition of a disused concrete factory has released an area in which a new residential spot with ample space and new facilities for the tertiary sector has been implemented. The intervention of the new “condominium P” is taking its initial actions in the direction of looking for a synthesis between architectural rigor and wish for a specific distance from anonymousness and grayness. The project investigation either the unity of the building as a complete and the uniqueness of individual properties, fostering a collective understanding of the creating as a method consisting of person and recognizable “cells”.

The constructing is configured as the addition of “container-house” superimposed, differentiated and visible. The use of color becomes an instrument “anti-dullness,” and at the very same time a means to identify the diverse containers-residence recognizable even with the introduction of huge numbers engraved on the coating of colored melamine laminate. The offered selection of “container-house” in between the floors is non-repetitive. For this cause there is no “type floor” and every apartment is distinctive. This architectural concept is visible in the facade by the use of color and by integrating the empty terrace.

Architecture Condominio P in Cagliari
Exterior Design Condominio P in Cagliari
Condominio P in Cagliari
Building Concept of Condominio P in Cagliari

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