Concrete Beach House Concepts, Lakeside Residence by Undurraga Deves

Concrete Beach House Ideas, Lakeside House

This house created by Undurraga Deves, positioned at Colico Lake, at the South of Chile. The project develops the theme of colonization in a territory exactly where nature manifests itself with extraordinary force. It is in this essentially geographical scenario that the categorical volume of the property was built. The formal simplicity and rigor of the project had been intended as implies to achieve abstraction and establish a counterpoint with the landscape. Concomitantly, glass and steel were utilized in order to generate lightness, transparence, and the impression of merging into the trees expanding in the region. The aim was to let the dwellers to be in speak to with nature even even though inside the house.

3 glass-encased green patios have been very carefully laid out in the open plant, dividing it into different living areas. Vegetation in the patios has been intended as a signifies to articulate inner space with nature. Furthermore, a stone ‘service wall’ was constructed to provide assistance to the ‘crystal box’. This wall connects us to the earth and to remote background, in opposition to the steel and glass, which connect us to modernity.

Beach House design Lakeside House
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