Colourful Flooring Style, Spektra by Bolon

Bolon have been presented one thing fresh for your residence decoration. The colourful flooring known as Spektra is created in the spirit of energy, joy and movement. Each and every of the six designs in the new collection has different colours and patterns, all with a light, metallic lustre. Much more elaborate effects can be achieved by these who dare to combine multiple goods in the same installation so that monochromatic flooring is coordinated with striped. According to the manufacturer, this flooring supplies a very good basis for the establishment of thrilling spaces exactly where creativity can flow, with its stripes, metallic sheen and versatile combination possibilities. Spektra is the new woven vinyl flooring from Bolon, the style firm. Those who are accustomed to Bolon’s awesome, organic colours and slightly austere Scandinavian design sensibility might be shocked by the news.

Colourful Flooring Decor

This is the organization’s most colourful collection ever. According to them, it is coloured and designed to awaken emotions and to produce good reactions. “We have been inspired by the multicultural, vibrant energy that exists everywhere and all around us right now. This is an international collection with colours from every single corner of the globe. It is made for those who know how to produce an thrilling interior and also dare to challenge conventional thinking,” says head of style &#038 marketing and advertising, Marie Eklund. Thin threads with a metallic glance have been woven into the flooring, which provides an further impact. The flooring acquires a light lustre, which varies in degree, according to the angle from which it is observed. Spektra is constructed on six dynamic base colours, three robust and 3 soft, and there are both striped and monochromatic styles.

Colourful Flooring Design by Bolon
Cool Colourful Flooring Design by Bolon
Elegant Colourful Flooring Design by Bolon

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