Architecture Notion Baptist University Road Campus Development in Hong Kong by AGC Design Ltd

Founded in 1956 by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong with the support of American Baptists, HKBU is the second-oldest institution of greater studying in Hong Kong. Formerly known as Hong Kong Baptist College, it became Hong Kong Baptist University in 1994 in the course of the presidency of Dr. Daniel C.W. TSE, LLD, GBS, CBE, JP, who succeeded the Founding President, Dr. Lam Chi-fung, as the second president of the University in 1971.

Baptist University Road Campus Development in Hong Kong

Concept by AGC Design Ltd, stepping into the new era of tertiary education, the mode of teaching would no longer be confined in box-shaped classrooms. To connect with the ever-altering society, transformation of the studying mode is crucial. The design of tomorrow’s institute really should be ‘thinking out of the box’ and ‘reaching out to the community’. Based on these concepts, the Baptist University Road Campus Development project would manifest the notion of whole person education and would give Hong Kong Baptist University a new identity in the new era.

The ‘thinking out of the box’ concept is comparable to the methodology by pulling out drawers from a cabinet, an analogy to laptop or computer servers in racks. The action of sliding constructing elements in each the horizontal &#038 vertical dimensions results in functional spaces protruding out from the rectangular box. This transformation has designed external flat roof gardens, consequently sliding out of open slots on the building facade to improve the visual permeability and organic ventilation of the constructing. Opening up roof gardens and carving out internal voids would create further communal spaces that encourage human interaction. Multi-storey voids generate interactive communal spaces and double-storey internal corridor to let visual connection from 1 level to another.

To design for an environmentally friendly and sustainable creating, some power efficient functions and renewable resources such as green roof gardens, a technique for the recycling of grey water and low-emission integrated glass units are adopted. The landscape style focuses on contextual relationship amongst individuals and outdoor space. Emphasis is placed on how the spaces reflect the image of the Hong Kong Baptist University on the style of the landscape region, as well as to supply a variety of functional spaces for the teaching and studying.

Baptist University Road Campus Development, Hong Kong Baptist University
Design Concept Baptist University Road Campus Development

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