Apartment Interior Decoration of Dachgeschoss Bröder by Thomas Bendel

Thomas Bendel was completed apartment interior style of Dachgeschoss Bröder. This is 120 m² floor apartment in a former factory building in Berlin Kreuzberg. The extended sides of the rectangular space are fully glazed. In parallel, run two modest roof terraces. A massive furnishings installation types the core region of the apartment, forming the six rooms. All rooms open to the windows and can be separated by sliding doors. In the open sliding doors, a round transition along the windows and exterior walls throughout the residence is possible.

Sliding door is open, unobstructed view from the bedroom into the bathroom spot. In the beige cubes are a toilet, washbasin, the shower space with floor to ceiling glass windows, wardrobe and storage space. The plan avoids unnecessary corridors or spaces. The idea of “built-in furniture rather than walls” creates a clear spatial structure, and proves to be really functional.
Interior core area of the apartment
Bedroom interior Decoration of Apartment

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