Apartment Interior Decoration by Stanic Harding Architecture

Positioned at the south finish of Bondi Beach, Stanic Harding Architecture was style of ocean front apartment. This apartment featured an incredible ocean style with huge amount of organic light. The ‘clip on’ aluminum clad balcony enclosures also contributed to the light good quality by the use of translucent white ribbed glazing. Though created for this apartment these lightweight boxes have been utilised as a answer to redundant balcony spaces for the whole developing. A roof terrace completes the connection to the bay and beach. Main concept is how to produce a peaceful, easy and serene atmosphere celebrating its planet famous place. The apartment ought to have three bedrooms with a dressing space and separate study space to accommodate his visiting young children whilst sustaining a private room for perform and rest.

Interior Living Room Apartment Decoration

Apartment Interior Decoration

Interior living room Apartment Decoration

Apartment Kitchen Decoration

Modern Apartment Interior Decoration

Apartment Furniture Set Decoration

Apartment Interior and Furniture Decoration

Apartment Dining Room Decoration

Modern Apartment Interior Living Room Decoration

Apartment Kitchen Room Decoration

Modern Apartment kitchen Room Decoration

Apartment bathroom Decoration

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